The Marathons

28 Oct The Niagara Falls International Marathon: -- The 3d of the year and my 11th since 2005. AND my first sub four hour FINISH.  Finally it all came together.  Full race report here:

19 May Cleveland Marathon (26.2 Miles): -- #10 and I went into Cleveland with high hopes of my first sub 4 hour finish.  Let's just say it was a perfect weekend, until we hit a deer on the PA turnpike Saturday afternoon on the drive up.  Got to hang out with a good freind of mine, but the race did not go as planned.  Full race report here.

17 Mar Shamrock Marathon (26.2 Miles):  -- My Ninth marathon since 2005 and my third running of the Shamrock Marathon. And after 26.2 miles, I set a new Personal Best/Record(PB/PR) of 4 hrs 10m and 03s.....breaking a eight year old PB.  Who said I'm getting old?  Full race report here!

11 Nov Freedom Marathon Marathon (26.2 miles): -- My second marathon in 14 days and my bid to enter the Marathon Maniacs. Finished my 8th marathon in 4h 27m 19s my second sub 4h 30m marathon in a row.   Full race report here!

28 October Marine Corp Marathon (26.2 miles): -- This was my 7th marathon, and my first big city marathon.  To be honest I was a bit nervous of the sheer size of this event.  The Marine Corp Marathon (MCM) is the US's fourth largest marathon, just getting to our starting corral was a challenge.  With 25,000 other runners and this little unexpected guest named Sandy, I did not know what to expect. Finished in 4h 26m 09s my best time since 2005, read a full race report here!

18 March Shamrock Marathon (26.2 miles): -- Shamrock 2012 is done, I finished my 6th marathon.  But even more important is that Susan C.and Lloyd S. completed their first.  March 18 the day after Saint Patrick’s day was a perfect marathon day, We met all of our goals! Full race report here!


12 Nov  Richmond Marathon on My Birthday (26.2 miles):-- Done....5th Marathon in the books. 4h 47m...on my 47 birthday!  Full race report here!

21 March  Shamrock Marathon (26.2 miles):-- My 4th Marathon and my slowest.....4h 53m Bid/Medal


21 March US National Marathon (26.2 miles):
My 3rd marathon, 4h 43m, running 26.2 miles around our nations capital!  Bid/Medal

12 Nov  Richmond Marathon (26.2 miles):-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME  2nd Marathon.....How many times in your life are you able to run a marathon on your birthday?  When I came across the add for this marathon in a copy of Runner's World and noticed the date and relative location...I just knew I had to run this race.  Add in the fact that Richmond was named the Friendliest Marathon by the Runner's World staff...made it an easy choice for my second Marathon and new PB 4h 10m 39m (chip time).  For all the high lights read the race report.         Bid/Medal

24 Apr  Shakespeare Marathon (26.2 miles):-- MY FIRST MARATHON.....You'll never forget your first kiss, car, love (then divorce) and you'll never forget your first marathon.  6 months ago I had the wild idea of again trying to push my body to the point that I could run 26.2 miles. And now after nearly 900 miles, five races, three 20 mile runs and tons of lonely runs in the wee hours of the morning, in the cold damp fog of the UK, I was standing on the starting line of my first marathon...(click here).  Another highlight of my first marathon was that the base paper picked up on my story and published a one page feature on my training and run.  I finished in 4h 13m 59s and was one happy, proud and very tired running guy!