My Tattoos

For much of my life I was not a Tattoo fan, but after getting out of Air Force basic training I decided to get one.  That was 1989, it took nearly 20 years to get my second, today I have seven.  Each one expresses a part of my life.

1st  USA Flag and Eagle (Jan 1989)
I guess everyone has that first and not so well thought out Tattoo.  A USA Flag with an Bald Eagles head centered on the flag.  I love the Tattoo but I wish I would have had it done a little larger so it could be freshen up.

(photo coming soon)

2nd  Michele in Cantonese
During a military trip to Florida I got the wild idea to get a tattoo inspired by my wife, this one says "Michele."  The surprise did not work so well when I got home, my wife asked...why do you have Karen put on your leg.  I don't even know a Karen...#fail.

3rd  Gecko w/26.2 ( Nov 2005)
When Michele and I first met, I went to Hawaii often for the USAF, on one such trip I purchased two matching Gecko Hawaii T-shirts.  The Hawaii Gecko reminds me of that early time in our relationship.  The 26.2 on the Gecko back is the marathon distance, I had just completed my second marathon so I had them add 26.2.
4th  Cledawg Hot-Rod Dawg (Nov 2008)
This "Rat-Fink" inspired tattoo incorporates all the "hobbies/interests" of my life. The dog character represents my love of dogs and my Cledawg character, our families dog of choice is the Miniature Schnauzer.  The hot rod dawg represents my car years, I've been a car guy my whole life.  To top off this custom tattoo is a Cleveland Browns Helmet, "fansince71."  This character was drawn by my friend Dennis.
5th/6th Symbols of my kids (Nov 2009)
I wanted to get something to honor my kids...

Jessica Ann:  My daughter, She is and always will be my little girl, and she loves stars and moons.  Have also added my grandson's name Aiden.
 Anthony:  My Son, very proud of my boy and he loves soccer.
 7th GOD LOVE cross (Mar 2012)
As a runner if you run long distances and/or participate in races you spend alot of time staring at the backside/legs of the other runners, I figured I had the perfect opportunity to give the other runners something to think about. "In JESUS Name...I Run"
Future plans:

Do you have any Tattoos?


  1. I have one--I just got it in April, at the age of 33! It's a singing lioness. I'm a Leo, a singer, and I wanted something to remind myself that I am strong and able. It's on my hip, so not visible to everyone. :)

  2. Nice, I like the tattoos that tell a story. Your's is awesome!