Sunday, April 28, 2013

Top Tweets

Top Tweets

Even the things that we don't understand are all a part of God's plan 

After a bottle of champs, a greasy cheeseburger, and a dance party… that nap was glorious.

Should not have gone grocery shopping post  

Shorts, shirt, running shoes, hat and rain jacket. All of that to stay dry going into the Y to get sweaty running on the treadmill. Yep!  
What’s the saying? Home now, pants off? 
Rest days are a critical component of your training plan. Respect the rest day! To do otherwise, risks injury. 

 If the only Star Wars movie she's seen is The Phantom Menace, she's not the one. 

If you're reading this, you've got it a heck of a lot better than you think. 

 If you'll excuse me, I need to scrub the trail dirt rings from my ankles. Never fails after a long run, but gorgeous trails are worth it! 

 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. - 1 Corinthians 13:13 

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Thursday, April 25, 2013


Blisters, what are you good for....Absolutely Nothing

(I was going to post a pic of blistered feet 
but that just grossed me out, go ahead google it....)

In two Ultras where I ran in excess of 50 miles (75 and 71.25) I suffered badly from blistering.  So I wanted to learn as much I could about the subject. 

Blisters are caused by friction, heat and sweating. 

Shoes - As with other running ailments, it all begins with the shoes. Your shoes must fit properly. Too snug / loose is always a problem. Ensure that there is ½ inch space between your longest toe and the end of your shoe. Be sure that you have enough room to wiggle your toes inside the toe box, and your heel does not slip.  You should choose shoes that breath well.

Inspect the inside of shoes for seams / worn areas that produce extra friction.

Socks - Socks should fit without being too tight or too loose.  Choose soft wicking fabric. Cotton absorbs moisture and is usually a little rough in texture. Some choose to wear two layers (or one made with double layers) to aid in prevention.

Do not wear socks that are too worn. Thin areas and holes are likely to produce hot spots.  Do not wear untested socks on a long run. 

Lubricant -
When you increase mileage all other efforts may fail. It is time for real preventative. There are a variety of lubricants on the market and are available at most running stores.  Many distance runners use lubricants on their feet, i.e. Body Glide, Bag Balm

Blister Blocks, Second Skin and Spyroflex - Have specific places that are prone to blisters?  Try applying one of these as a preventative, or to provide cushion and protection after a blister has formed.

Used on long distance training. They are like a thick rubbery extra skin you apply to problem areas to cushion and protect. 

Some long distance runners will apply tincture of benzoin to skin every day for a few weeks in order to toughen sensitive areas. Tincture of benzoin can be found at your local pharmacy. Not a prescription, but it is usually kept behind the counter.  Of course others will suggest that softer feet are less likely to blister. You can keep your feet soft by applying a moisturizer daily.

Wrapping and Taping - Using moleskin or taping feet with athletic tape (or duct tape) is also a common practice. If you wrap your feet it is important that the tape is applied smoothly (no wrinkles) and not too tight. Ultra runners might tape their entire foot, but most only need to tape up hot spots.

Moleskin can also be used to cover a blister that has already formed.  Cut a piece larger than the blister and cut a hole in the center. (Shaped like a donut.) This will cushion the blister, but the blister itself will not be covered.

Hopefully using a combination of the preventatives above you will come away blister free. It is important to apply the products prior to your run if you are prone to blisters. You can also carry supplies with you.

How do you prevent/treat blisters?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We Won

At the 2013 Virginia 24 Hour For Cancer endurance race, for the first time in my running career I fielded a team.  The 3 prior years I have run this event as a solo runner or "with friends" but not as a team.  This year...Team Run4Life was born, And...pause for effect.

We Won!

Team Run4Life, with 785 Official miles!

Our Team back to front: Chris C @cwiklinskicj, Mike K @gunzrunner262, Paul S @pstarlings, Nathan M @socialshark, Lloyd S @lloydswede, Matt S, Jon H @jonhendricksonSteve S @britishbulldog, Brian B @Cledawgs, Kim Z, Cara H @carahendrickson, and Kelly G.

Team Crew members: Ally S @allyspeirs, Chase H, Amanda M @amandawife, Michele B, and Anthony B. 

And we are already talking about defending out title and breaking the course record next year!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dear Brian

Dear Brian,

It's the end of the road, I'm done...  You promised me long walks on the beach.  You promised me, my toes playing in the sand with a margarita, and the cool sounds of Jimmy Buffet just above the cords of the waves breaking on the beach.  But what you delivered is a whole lot less.

71.25 miles of abuse...  I'm swollen, sore, bruised and have the biggest blister known to man.  In fact the blister is so large, we had to name it to address it properly.

We shall call it "THE BEAST"  And a beast it was.

Going into this years, the 10th Anniversary VA 24 Hour Run For Cancer, we "agreed" our goal was to complete 52.5 miles (14 Laps) as fast as we could...and I was up for that challenge.  But once you achieved that goal, and I had lived up to my end of the deal, 52.5 miles in 10h 43 mins (12:15 pace, never taking a break).  YOU went back out for more...

And if that was not bad enough, when you felt that familiar hot spot growing on the ball of your right foot, You ignored it.  You ignored me, you ignored the pain and you ignored the damage you were putting me through only to reach an adhoc second goal of 75 miles.

Mile by mile the hot spot turned into an inferno.  Then at mile 68, just barley a mile into the 3.75 mile loop the Beast erupted, aka the blister popped, exploded, it became a life of it's ownIt took your breath away, almost dropped you to your knees but for me it was like 10,000 razor blades were unleashed on my tender skin.

So Brian, with love and peaceful heart don't be to surprised when the divorce papers show up in the mail.


You Feet, and the ten little piggies

P.S.  When is the next Ultra, I can't stay mad at you.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Dear Feet

My Dear Feet,

You are a great pair of feet.  You have carried me over many miles, you have supported me all these years and I am truly Thankful.

Not only being a useful mode of transportation, you are a good looking pair.  I've even heard you referenced to as "Sexy Man Feet" and I'm proud.  No web toes, no ugly nails, no hammer toe and no "Morton toe" for you.  I have never once been embarrassed when I've had to show you off in public.  And never once have you behaved poorly stinking up the room with a foul odor.  As a foot your symmetrical and perfect...ten little toes in just the right shape, size  and placement.

Last year, during the 24 Hour Ultra Run you carried me 75 miles.  You took the  my actions like a warrior, although you cried out in pain, you never once let me down.  And those 75 miles beat you up. Some would say I abused you.  And I'm sorry.  When all the miles were run and I finally allowed you to rest, I was ashamed of the carnage I put you thou.  Pulling you out of my Nike Air Pegs I realized what I had done, my white soaks were pink.  The bloody mess at the end of my ankles testified the war you had eyes filled with tears, my heart hurt for you.  And in a moment of weakness, I promised you I would never abuse you like that again.

And as much as it pains me, I lied...

In 48 hours I will ask you once again to carry the load of a 24 Hour Run.  I'll ask you to traverse the trails, jump the roots, put up with the sand and small rocks that will enter my shoes.  I'll ask you to perform and tackle this Ultra again.  I know you'll suffer, I know you'll ask why me...I know you'll wonder where it will all end.  And I'm sorry but I need you and I need to run this race.

In return I promise to care for you in your time of hurt.  I promise to soak you in warm water and Epsom salts, I promise to dress your wounds.  And I promise when we have time alone I promise to play "This little Piggy" with you.

Your my feet and I need you.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Frequently Asked Questions About The Boston Marathon

Since the terrible events surrounding the finish of the 2013 Boston Marathon I've been asked a lot more about running and the Boston Marathon.  I thought I would take some time to share the questions and my answers with you.

Q.  Have I run the Boston Marathon
A.  No, see next question.

Q.  Will you ever run the Boston Marathon?
A.  Entry into the Boston Marathon is by qualifying time, I would have to run a 3:25 marathon in order to gain entry based on performance.  My best marathon time is 4:10, it would take a lot of time and effort for me to raise my performance to that level, but I'm not saying no.  Now there are a number of charity slots where you can run the marathon if you raise enough money.  But to me Boston is about earning entry.

Q.  Are you scared about running your next big city marathon, i.e. Cleveland, Richmond etc?
A.  No I'm scared of not being there for my family, I'm scared of Big Foot and I'm scared of not being right By God.  If some crazy person takes me out during a marathon...I would be doing what I love and I will be in the presence of Jesus my savior.  In my mind I won!

Q.  Why?
A.  I've got no idea, your mad about your life, you disagree with our gov' don't like our freedoms...blow up innocent people.  I just don't get? 

Q.  Can you forgive this person/group?
A.  In all honesty...that is a tough one.  Jesus taught us to forgive those who trespass against us, as we ask for forgiveness ourselves.  

Q.  What am I doing to honor the victims of Boston?
A.  I'm running an 24 hour event this coming Saturday.  I will be wearing a Bib on my back to honor the victims of this crime.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013



2 Timothy 3:1-5

New International Version (NIV)
But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents,ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Monument Ave 10k

Today might be BOSTON Marathon Day, but It WAS Ukrops 10k / Monument Ave 10k Week.  And I set a PR/PB.

UPDATE:  The Best Reason to run this race....I keep setting PR/PBs here!

(Orange Power)

I turned this 10k in 46m 21s official chip time!  A PR/PB by 21 seconds and a full 2m 28s faster then last year!

Mini Race Report:
Race day was near perfect, a slight chill with temps around the mid 50s and bright skies....and no wind.

My starting corral (BB) jumped out to a fast start, I looked at my GPS at one point and saw an astonishing 6:30 pace.  That might not be a fast pace for the elites but I was flying.  Not having trained for a fast 10k, I knew I could never keep that up so I eased back on the throttle and settled into a nice but quick groove.

Mile 1 7:26  A fast start is never a good thing, but even thou I knew I had to pull in the horses, I was able to keep the heat on and roll at a really good pace.  I've done zero "0" nada, nothing, not a lick of speed work and really do not train for a 10k type I was very surprised that my legs and lungs responded the way they did.  

Mile 2 7:17 / Mile 3 7:19 / Mile 4 7:18

Mile 5 7:41  It started to get a little tough during this section, I even talked myself into cruising a little hoping to save a little for a finishing kick.  Glancing at my watch I knew I was in route to a good time.  This tough section was a bit draining.  Monument Ave is fairly flat but what incline it has greeted us at mile 4 and 5.  The effect of this was I could feel my legs get a bit heavy and my breathing became more challenged.  My mantra to keep going..."I'm an Ultra-runner...I got this."

Mile 6 to finish 7:34  At this point in the race I really wanted to put on a kick, I knew a PR/PB was on the table and if I had something left a 45m 10k may have been an open door.  But try as I might I just could not get my legs to respond.  I wanted to get up on my toes and really hammer down but my leg turn over turned heavy at this point.  I was not going to lose a PR/PB here so I muscle out as much as I could and finished with a very happy PR/PB of 46m 21s

My wife, Michele also power walked her way to a PR/PB 1h 19m 28s

Ten Reason Why You Should Run This Race

10.  40,000 other runners do it and love it.  Considered Richmond’s biggest block party is the place to be come Saturday morning.

9.  The event feels like a Marathon, this event is a ROCK STAR 10k.

8.  Crowd support is unreal...there is not an empty cheering section along the entire 6.2 mile route.  To Get your creative juices flowing is the Hirschler Fleischer Spirit Contest. A perfect way for community, church or civic groups to get involved in the race.

7.  The views down Monument Ave and back are wonderful.

6.  The six statues which honor: Robert E. Lee, J.E.B. Stuart, Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson, Matthew Fontaine Maury, and sports icon Arthur Ashe

5.  The Dress up and Run contest brings some crazy, extravagant and creative costumes out there on the course.  Last year I had to out run a couple zoombies, Edward Scissorhands, a motor boat and a roller coaster car.

4.  The Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k selects one lucky participant to get a head start on the course (based on ability) and race against the rest of the field in hopes of being the first to cross the finish line. If the contestant can out-run the fastest elite runner, the $2,500 Dash for the Cash prize is his/hers for the taking! If not, the winner will tack on the bonus to his/her earnings. 

3.  It is a fast course and with the large numbers of runners, there is always a target to keep you motivated.

2.  Exceptionally well organized.

1.  The finish, it's not just another 10k. 
Post Race Festival in Monroe Park
Catch your breath and celebrate your finish at the post-race party in Monroe Park! 
Features include:
  • Live Music
  • Post-Race Food & beverages
  • Vendor, sponsor and charity booths
  • 10k Family Meeting Area
  • Awards Ceremon

See you there....

Friday, April 5, 2013



"Your legs will forgive you...eventually." ~ unknown  @coastalrunning  

This is my normal Friday tweet where I express my excitement over sleeping in tomorrow.  @summeroutside  

To the car who about hit me I'm sorry I spit on your car I didn't see you, like you couldn't see me with my 2 flashing lights and vest.  @TrisnTrees  

I'll never understand how I can be beyond tired yet still have the energy to get my run done.  @TeamRunner4Life 

Any Tweet with #BeastMode as it's hashtag.  @everyone

A PR person just told me to email her questions in advance because she's not near a phone. The message is signed: "Sent from my iPhone."  @jdawsey1  

Distance running to me is 50k or more.  @RayRunsLong 

My favorite place is the gym. With a blanket. And a mattress. And some pillows. Okay, my favorite place is my bed.  @Diet_Problems 

How many toe nails do you have to lose before you can call yourself an obsessed runner? 2? 4? 6? all ten?  @godandsneakers  

I'm a Christian. I'm not perfect, I'm forgiven.  @ForgivenAthlete @PlayingForHIM  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vanity Plates Part II

Vanity Plates Part II

If you missed Runner Themed Vanity Plates part I click here

My wife likes to play "I Can Figure Out The Vanity Plate First Game" when we are traveling or out and about town.  I wasn't even aware of the game prior to moving to Virginia, which by far has to have the most vanity plates.  I do well at the easy ones...but her keen eye and wit normally beats me to the punch with the hard or obscure ones.  Lucky for me most running ones are pretty straight forward.

Another round of running related Vanity Plates:

  (This plate is pretty easy to understand, in golf you play thru...
and if your fast you run thru)

  (Wonder if he/she would feel out of place at a marathon)

  (Pretty easy to figure out)

  (How far is long?)


This collection of runner themed vanity plates will be followed up by additional post.  If you have a few you would like to share comment here and we can make arrangements to add your pics.

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools

April Fools

I'm not really good a practical jokes.  Although the time I put the Party Snap Caps under the toilet seat was a hit!  So instead of trying to come up with some awesome April Fools joke, I've settled for listing the silliest things that have happened to me in the name of running.
Clothing Mix Up:
My wife and I were both Active Duty U.S. Air Force members for most of our marriage.  Although the Air Force was a great way of life it did pose some serious challenges...  The simplest task of going to the gym could become a funny Air Force Family moment.   After showering at the base gym, I realized I had Michele's combat boots and not mine.  The pain of stuffing my 10.5s into a size 7.5...and then going to my duty section.

Naked Shower Talker:
I'm sure we all know him/her...PLEASE while your naked or I'm naked....I really don't want to talk with you "up close and personnel."

Sir Sweats Alot:
Running on the treadmill "indoors" should not be comparable to the weather effects of El NiƱo.  And if you sweat that much, pick a less crowded time to work out.

Run in the wrong direction at the start of the race.  Yes, I and half of the race crowd did they same thing.  This "Wrong Way Waldo" action happened during a little semi informal 5k, the event was organized but not really.  There was no timing, no corral and no starting banner.  The race crowd gathered near the make shift starting line.  The impromptu race director gave the directions of the course.  The timing for the race was discussed and we all lined up for the start.  The gun went off (not really, the race director yelled "GO") and half the field went one way and half the other.

What is one of the funniest things to happened to you during a run or race?  (PLS share we all need a laugh)