Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools

April Fools

I'm not really good a practical jokes.  Although the time I put the Party Snap Caps under the toilet seat was a hit!  So instead of trying to come up with some awesome April Fools joke, I've settled for listing the silliest things that have happened to me in the name of running.
Clothing Mix Up:
My wife and I were both Active Duty U.S. Air Force members for most of our marriage.  Although the Air Force was a great way of life it did pose some serious challenges...  The simplest task of going to the gym could become a funny Air Force Family moment.   After showering at the base gym, I realized I had Michele's combat boots and not mine.  The pain of stuffing my 10.5s into a size 7.5...and then going to my duty section.

Naked Shower Talker:
I'm sure we all know him/her...PLEASE while your naked or I'm naked....I really don't want to talk with you "up close and personnel."

Sir Sweats Alot:
Running on the treadmill "indoors" should not be comparable to the weather effects of El NiƱo.  And if you sweat that much, pick a less crowded time to work out.

Run in the wrong direction at the start of the race.  Yes, I and half of the race crowd did they same thing.  This "Wrong Way Waldo" action happened during a little semi informal 5k, the event was organized but not really.  There was no timing, no corral and no starting banner.  The race crowd gathered near the make shift starting line.  The impromptu race director gave the directions of the course.  The timing for the race was discussed and we all lined up for the start.  The gun went off (not really, the race director yelled "GO") and half the field went one way and half the other.

What is one of the funniest things to happened to you during a run or race?  (PLS share we all need a laugh)



  1. Mine has to be the time we all lined up at the start line of a local 10k. Just as the gun was about to go off, I looked down and did not have my race number on. I hollered for them to hold up the race as I sprinted to my car a 1/4 mile away and back. I was so surprised that they delayed the start for me. It was so imbarrassing as everyone watched me run to my car and back.

    1. Paul,
      That is my biggest running fear! Glad they waited for you.