Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dear Brian

Dear Brian,

It's the end of the road, I'm done...  You promised me long walks on the beach.  You promised me, my toes playing in the sand with a margarita, and the cool sounds of Jimmy Buffet just above the cords of the waves breaking on the beach.  But what you delivered is a whole lot less.

71.25 miles of abuse...  I'm swollen, sore, bruised and have the biggest blister known to man.  In fact the blister is so large, we had to name it to address it properly.

We shall call it "THE BEAST"  And a beast it was.

Going into this years, the 10th Anniversary VA 24 Hour Run For Cancer, we "agreed" our goal was to complete 52.5 miles (14 Laps) as fast as we could...and I was up for that challenge.  But once you achieved that goal, and I had lived up to my end of the deal, 52.5 miles in 10h 43 mins (12:15 pace, never taking a break).  YOU went back out for more...

And if that was not bad enough, when you felt that familiar hot spot growing on the ball of your right foot, You ignored it.  You ignored me, you ignored the pain and you ignored the damage you were putting me through only to reach an adhoc second goal of 75 miles.

Mile by mile the hot spot turned into an inferno.  Then at mile 68, just barley a mile into the 3.75 mile loop the Beast erupted, aka the blister popped, exploded, it became a life of it's ownIt took your breath away, almost dropped you to your knees but for me it was like 10,000 razor blades were unleashed on my tender skin.

So Brian, with love and peaceful heart don't be to surprised when the divorce papers show up in the mail.


You Feet, and the ten little piggies

P.S.  When is the next Ultra, I can't stay mad at you.

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