Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Monument Ave 10k

Today might be BOSTON Marathon Day, but It WAS Ukrops 10k / Monument Ave 10k Week.  And I set a PR/PB.

UPDATE:  The Best Reason to run this race....I keep setting PR/PBs here!

(Orange Power)

I turned this 10k in 46m 21s official chip time!  A PR/PB by 21 seconds and a full 2m 28s faster then last year!

Mini Race Report:
Race day was near perfect, a slight chill with temps around the mid 50s and bright skies....and no wind.

My starting corral (BB) jumped out to a fast start, I looked at my GPS at one point and saw an astonishing 6:30 pace.  That might not be a fast pace for the elites but I was flying.  Not having trained for a fast 10k, I knew I could never keep that up so I eased back on the throttle and settled into a nice but quick groove.

Mile 1 7:26  A fast start is never a good thing, but even thou I knew I had to pull in the horses, I was able to keep the heat on and roll at a really good pace.  I've done zero "0" nada, nothing, not a lick of speed work and really do not train for a 10k type race...so I was very surprised that my legs and lungs responded the way they did.  

Mile 2 7:17 / Mile 3 7:19 / Mile 4 7:18

Mile 5 7:41  It started to get a little tough during this section, I even talked myself into cruising a little hoping to save a little for a finishing kick.  Glancing at my watch I knew I was in route to a good time.  This tough section was a bit draining.  Monument Ave is fairly flat but what incline it has greeted us at mile 4 and 5.  The effect of this was I could feel my legs get a bit heavy and my breathing became more challenged.  My mantra to keep going..."I'm an Ultra-runner...I got this."

Mile 6 to finish 7:34  At this point in the race I really wanted to put on a kick, I knew a PR/PB was on the table and if I had something left a 45m 10k may have been an open door.  But try as I might I just could not get my legs to respond.  I wanted to get up on my toes and really hammer down but my leg turn over turned heavy at this point.  I was not going to lose a PR/PB here so I muscle out as much as I could and finished with a very happy PR/PB of 46m 21s

My wife, Michele also power walked her way to a PR/PB 1h 19m 28s

Ten Reason Why You Should Run This Race

10.  40,000 other runners do it and love it.  Considered Richmond’s biggest block party is the place to be come Saturday morning.

9.  The event feels like a Marathon, this event is a ROCK STAR 10k.

8.  Crowd support is unreal...there is not an empty cheering section along the entire 6.2 mile route.  To Get your creative juices flowing is the Hirschler Fleischer Spirit Contest. A perfect way for community, church or civic groups to get involved in the race.

7.  The views down Monument Ave and back are wonderful.

6.  The six statues which honor: Robert E. Lee, J.E.B. Stuart, Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson, Matthew Fontaine Maury, and sports icon Arthur Ashe

5.  The Dress up and Run contest brings some crazy, extravagant and creative costumes out there on the course.  Last year I had to out run a couple zoombies, Edward Scissorhands, a motor boat and a roller coaster car.

4.  The Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k selects one lucky participant to get a head start on the course (based on ability) and race against the rest of the field in hopes of being the first to cross the finish line. If the contestant can out-run the fastest elite runner, the $2,500 Dash for the Cash prize is his/hers for the taking! If not, the winner will tack on the bonus to his/her earnings. 

3.  It is a fast course and with the large numbers of runners, there is always a target to keep you motivated.

2.  Exceptionally well organized.

1.  The finish, it's not just another 10k. 
Post Race Festival in Monroe Park
Catch your breath and celebrate your finish at the post-race party in Monroe Park! 
Features include:
  • Live Music
  • Post-Race Food & beverages
  • Vendor, sponsor and charity booths
  • 10k Family Meeting Area
  • Awards Ceremon

See you there....

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