Friday, April 5, 2013



"Your legs will forgive you...eventually." ~ unknown  @coastalrunning  

This is my normal Friday tweet where I express my excitement over sleeping in tomorrow.  @summeroutside  

To the car who about hit me I'm sorry I spit on your car I didn't see you, like you couldn't see me with my 2 flashing lights and vest.  @TrisnTrees  

I'll never understand how I can be beyond tired yet still have the energy to get my run done.  @TeamRunner4Life 

Any Tweet with #BeastMode as it's hashtag.  @everyone

A PR person just told me to email her questions in advance because she's not near a phone. The message is signed: "Sent from my iPhone."  @jdawsey1  

Distance running to me is 50k or more.  @RayRunsLong 

My favorite place is the gym. With a blanket. And a mattress. And some pillows. Okay, my favorite place is my bed.  @Diet_Problems 

How many toe nails do you have to lose before you can call yourself an obsessed runner? 2? 4? 6? all ten?  @godandsneakers  

I'm a Christian. I'm not perfect, I'm forgiven.  @ForgivenAthlete @PlayingForHIM  

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