Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Dear Feet

My Dear Feet,

You are a great pair of feet.  You have carried me over many miles, you have supported me all these years and I am truly Thankful.

Not only being a useful mode of transportation, you are a good looking pair.  I've even heard you referenced to as "Sexy Man Feet" and I'm proud.  No web toes, no ugly nails, no hammer toe and no "Morton toe" for you.  I have never once been embarrassed when I've had to show you off in public.  And never once have you behaved poorly stinking up the room with a foul odor.  As a foot your symmetrical and perfect...ten little toes in just the right shape, size  and placement.

Last year, during the 24 Hour Ultra Run you carried me 75 miles.  You took the  my actions like a warrior, although you cried out in pain, you never once let me down.  And those 75 miles beat you up. Some would say I abused you.  And I'm sorry.  When all the miles were run and I finally allowed you to rest, I was ashamed of the carnage I put you thou.  Pulling you out of my Nike Air Pegs I realized what I had done, my white soaks were pink.  The bloody mess at the end of my ankles testified the war you had eyes filled with tears, my heart hurt for you.  And in a moment of weakness, I promised you I would never abuse you like that again.

And as much as it pains me, I lied...

In 48 hours I will ask you once again to carry the load of a 24 Hour Run.  I'll ask you to traverse the trails, jump the roots, put up with the sand and small rocks that will enter my shoes.  I'll ask you to perform and tackle this Ultra again.  I know you'll suffer, I know you'll ask why me...I know you'll wonder where it will all end.  And I'm sorry but I need you and I need to run this race.

In return I promise to care for you in your time of hurt.  I promise to soak you in warm water and Epsom salts, I promise to dress your wounds.  And I promise when we have time alone I promise to play "This little Piggy" with you.

Your my feet and I need you.



  1. Love it! Let's hit 75 miles + again this year!

    1. I'm feeling pretty good about it...but that is a long way!


  2. Good luck! I can't wait to read about it