Friday, March 1, 2013


Our society has any number of ways for you to express yourself.  Whether a perfectly crafted  tweet/status update, your style of dress or maybe a work of art placed your skin.  And something as simple as the identifying numbers and letters on your license plate have turned into a way to express your individuality.


In most states drivers can choose optional "vanity plates" if they want a more distinctive license plate.  When a motorist chooses a "vanity plate" over the state issued,  boring, randomly generated numbers and letters, they are allowing anyone who comes across their plate a glimpse into their world.  These  eye catching plates give all passerbys a 55 mph tour of your lifestyle and into your world.

Pulling into any running event, and you'll see the parking lot landscape is littered with personalized plates.  I arrive at most races pretty early, this affords me an opportunity to walk the lot, not only to stretch out my legs but to also to try and figure out if I understand the meaning behind all of them.  Some plates pose a question, some make a statement, some boast a favorite mileage.  One thing is for certain, they all entertain.

Here are some of the ones that have caught my eye.

  (This plate is pretty easy to understand, and yet the extra
  ovals add a nice touch)

(Yes, I do )

(About as straight fwd as you can get)

(Has this runner 100 miles or 50 miles twice?)

(Took me a little while to get this one, did you?)

(O H....I O, Lets Run)

The collection of runner themed vanity plates will be followed up by additional post.  If you have a few you would like to share comment here and we can make arrangements to add your pics.

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