Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shamrock Week

Shamrock Week 2013 and a look back at Shamrock 2012, running with friends, over coming Breast Cancer, Running Ultras and the Marine Corp Marathon.

If I have a hometown marathon, Shamrock would have to be it.  There maybe closer marathons, but I've run Shamrock more times then another marathon+ type event.  This will be my third running of the full marathon...and as with any marathon I'm sure it will be something to remember.

Last year Shamrock Marathon was special, I ran the marathon with a good friend who was completing her first marathon.  We had trained together for little over a year, we ran her first half-marathon together, we ran a ton of long runs together, we ran in the rain, the cold and the near snow.  But running the Shamrock Marathon in 2012 was a highlight of my marathon running career.

My friend Susan, over came Breast Cancer, and Rheumatoid Arthritis to run the Shamrock Marathon  in 2012.  Since then Susan also ran an Ultra (50 miles) and completed the Marine Corp Marathon as well.  But Shamrock 2012 and all that was not enough, Susan will be back running Shamrock again this weekend.

What can we learn from this...  Don't let anyone, or anything stop you....give thanks to GOD in prayer and keep moving!

UPDATE:  I will wear bib number 2414 on Sunday, sounds like a good number to me!

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