Monday, November 28, 2011

Night Time Running....

Because of my work day commute and day light savings fall/winter running is done in the dark.  I've been running in the dark for the last three years and although I DO NOT prefer this...I can do it and I have learned alot of survival lessons along the way.

#1 Be reflective...I wear as much light reflecting gear as I can.
#2 Provide your own light...I carry a LED flash light in my hand so that I can ensure on coming traffic, fellow runners, wild dogs and Batman can see me coming.
#3 Run on roads you know like that back of your yellow brick road here.
#4 Be ready to hurdle kids toys left in the road at a moments parents would have beat my butt.
#5 Be on guard for pet owners who can't seam to understand that dear old "SPOT" needs to be on a leash no matter how friendly their 100 pound bulldog is... I'm a dog person, but dogs need to be on a leash/under control.

And most importantly.......PROTECT yourself...people just don't understand how much damage a 4000 pound car, even moving slowly, can do to a 170 pound runner in his Nike Air Pegs.

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Enjoy the run, and survive the night.


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