Friday, December 2, 2011

Running Mind Dump….

Random thoughts that come into my head while running down the open road. (I’m borrowing this format from

-- Even thou I’ve just completed a marathon, 26.2 miles…the first mile of any run is always the hardest.

-- I hate the beginning of the month when my running log has a great big fat "0" for my total.

-- Who would win in a race Superman, “the Man of steel” or the Flash “the Fastest man alive”, I think the Flash would….he was/is my favorite comic book hero, I’m a DC guy.

-- People drive way to fast in housing areas, there are kids playing, dogs chasing cats and an old guy running around here!

-- There is no better feel for my feet then the first run on a new pair of shoes, Nike Air Pegs for me! (Dear Nike, How about a sponsorship deal?  Or at least some discount coupons…)

-- No matter how buff I get, I’m not wearing running tights…..some things guys just should not wear. (ah skinny jeans……I’m just saying)

-- Bizarro World thought of the week, Chuck Norris has NOT run a marathon, Oprah has.

-- Night time running thought of the week….Was that a dog or a really big monster?

-- Vain thought of the week, do I look like a runner or just some old guy who jogs?

-- Dieting thought of the week, how many more miles for a Klondike bar?

-- Man a nice cold Mike’s Hard Lemonade sounds so good about now!

December makes me shiver and includes my first 50k (31.1 mile) Ultra Marathon.  I’m going into this run, considering it more of a supported 20 mile training run then a “race.”  I plan to run the first 20 miles at marathon goal pace, and then run walk the last 11 miles to make a 6 hour completion goal. Can I do it?  And more importantly…how many Klondike bars is that?

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You are a Super Hero to someone!  Run on......


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  1. The Flash would win. I can see you in a flash costume...kind of like Big Bang Theory the other night if you watch it.