Monday, May 14, 2012

Red, white and Air Pegasus!

For the new runner (or vet) finding the perfect shoe can seam a bit daunting.  In a sea of manufactures, colors and styles it is easy to forget what is important. Not only do you have to select the correct size, you also have to ensure your fitted with the right shoe for your foot, it's a very personal quest. 

The right shoe is key to avoiding injuries.

The right shoe is key to comfort

And the right shoe is key to performance.

The right shoe can ALSO be the key to style...

My perfect shoe is the NIKE Air Pegasus, I've been running in Air Pegs for all 12 years/9500 miles of my running career...and they never let me down.  The Air Pegs fit my foot, they cushion my ride and they protect my feet.  But they do lack some in pizazz.  My Air Pegs have come in "white and blue," "white and red," "white and another shade of blue" and "white with some black and yellow."  Although I'm a happy Air pegs wearer, I've always longed for a shoe with a bit of POP!

For this years Shamrock Marathon I took styling my Pegs into my own hands...and turned out my "Lucky Air Pegs."

They were a big hit.

Not wanting to leave a good idea alone, For the Run for the Dream Half Marathon in Colonial Williamsburg this weekend, where I will be running in our patriotic forefathers footsteps, I thought my Air Pegs should display a patriotic theme.

I might not run any faster, but my Air Pegs, will feature a unique style all my own.

Run on people.....RUN STRONG!

In JESUS name, I run!

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