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1Hundred, A Film Review. (Leadville Trail 100, Ultra Marathon, Marathon, 1hundred, Western States 100, Leadville, Co, Adventure Runner)

Some movies make you laugh, some movies inspire you and some movies make you cry.

1Hundred, the story of the Leadville trail 100 Ultra Marathon; will do all three.

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A concept documentary of the human spirit and one of the most extreme races on the planet.  Imagine running over 3 ½ New York City marathons in one 30 hour period.  Not to mention running at a starting elevation of 9,200 ft. and topping off at a towering 12,620 ft. Welcome to the world of Ultra Marathon racing in Leadville, Colorado. Each year hundreds of participants flock to the small town, to put their bodies through the unthinkable as they try to complete the 100 mile trek in less than 30 hours.

This documentary will follow 4 ordinary people on their journey leading up to and ultimately tackling this daunting race. The 4 runners are far from ordinary, a former 320 lb alcoholic, a 29-year old adventure addict, a nutrition coach, who is built to run, and a spunky and energetic first time Leadville runner.

Within the time spent with these runners, the film captures the essence of the human spirit that would propel someone to take on such an extraordinary task.

(My words)
This film did a wonder job of weaving the Leadville experience into a compelling story about the race and the lives of the 4 runners.  I was gripped by their drive, their personalities and the monster challenge known as Leadville Trail.  In all honesty this film sucked me in from the time I hit the play button.  And when it was over, I wanted more. I wanted to run Leadville.  I wanted to experience the challenge, I wanted to celebrate the highs and to even suffer through the lows.  After witnessing the climax of this great event from 4 different perspectives…I was in tears.

I highly recommend this film to anyone that wants to know what Ultra running and the Leadville trail 100 is all about.

A friend of mine ran Leadville this summer, read his account of this great race on his blog.

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