Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Looking Back

My Running Career

Other then a few and very shorts spells where I tried to be a was Aug 2000 when I started this journey.  Along the way I got distracted here and there, but I always returned to the road.  Looking back I'm amazed I've keep it up this long.  I'm shocked at the number of miles I've run, the races I've finished and the times I've posted along the way.  I'm surprised I became a runner.

Looking back at the miles, It's shocking to me how far I've come, how far the miles have taken me and how far I'm looking to go.  During this journey I went from wanting to complete a 10k, then a marathon and maybe an Ultra event.  This spring I'll attempt my first 100 miler in April, this adventure has taken me from being a runner to becoming a Ultra-runner.

What a wild run it has been..

This year is by far my best, I've broken the 200 250 mile month, the 60 mile week, ran more "long distance" events and gained a lot of good friends in the running world.  I'm in the best shape of my life, and I'm .05 of the way to the moon.  I am a Athlete.

AND we still have 3 months to go.'s #Runtober

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