Wednesday, April 18, 2012

24 = 75

24 = 75, Darth Vader and Voldemort

Coming soon to a time not so far in the future (this weekend) six brave run hardened and slightly crazy souls will do battle with the forces of good and evil.  The battle will be staged at Sandy Bottom Nature Park AKA the 24 Hour the Empire, an Empire set to crush the will, determination, strength and spirit of any would be competitor.

Our Heroes:
Brian “Yea it was my idea”
Susan “Cancer can kiss my marathon”
Jason “I’m Aiming High”
Lloyd “There is heaven in these shoes”
Kim “I’m the slow one”
And Kelly “I’m pacing the slow one”

This group of road/trail warriors will attempt the unthinkable…push their bodies and spirits beyond what they ever dreamed possible.  But together they will bond, joke, laugh, cry and utter comments like…”are those really your feet”  “Someone here stinks” and the forever remembered “who’s idea was this really.”

From the highs of the starting line rush to the lows of when the sky turns dark this adventure will define a movement.  A movement for some will be a high water achievement for personal strength and resolve.  And for others a nightmare only to be recalled in the darkest of hours…like when asked to participate again next year. 

Some think “The Mudder” was tough, was Spartan enough.  But the Empire known as Sandy Bottom; has the mud, the roots, the trees, the rocks, the snakes, a few ghosts, low hanging branches and the zone of terror know as “Puppy Corner.”   “Puppy Corner” where no man or beast comes out the same.  Sandy Bottom laughs at the Mudder.  “10-12 miles of obstacles, ha…we won’t even change our shoes until after 20 miles…ha ha ha.”

Sure some will cry, but no one will whine.  Sure they will fall, but no one will remain down, and someone may be broken but their comrades will lift them up and continue the struggle.  Our fleet footed warriors will be on the go…some completing a short run, (who calls a 20 mile run short, really).  Others working for the 50 mile goal…and some will redefine simple math…24 = 75, 80, 90 or even_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  In the Spirit of Vader and Voldemort, We dare not say, We dare not speak the n1u0m0ber!

And in the end, Good will conquer evil, LOVE will win and our heroes will remain friends, forever linked by the experience on a dusty trail in the middle of Hampton Roads Virginia.

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  1. I had no idea you had a blog. That is great. I am excited for you! What an adventure it will be. Wish I could be there to join you for a few miles but I am still healing up my calf and my kids have a school event that day.. Good luck!! Looking forward to the race recap.

  2. Great write up. I would love to be there but family matters have come up and I have to wait for the next one. Good luck and remember those fighting cancer do not have the choice to quit ! Thank you for doing this run for cancer! Denise