Thursday, April 12, 2012

Running, Blogging and Life…Why do I do it?

Running, Blogging and Life…Why do I do it?

Running, Why do I run?  Really an interesting question…for the exercise, kind of.  For the health benefits….sure.  For the competition…well there’s really not much competition in the middle of the pack.

I run because it is simple.  Everyone can run, everyone has run at some point in their life.  And just like when we were kids, when the perfect run comes together, running is so simple.  It’s during these runs that I understand why I run, my leg turn over is near effortless.  The perfect cadence of my foot strike, the near zero effort it takes to roll my foot backwards and push off for my next stride.  The natural swing of my arms expanding my chest as fresh air is draw inside.  The endless road open before me as my eyes stare to the horizon and the near empty thoughts as my mind gets lost within the moment.  Yes I run because the act itself….is so simple.

Blogging, Why do I blog?  I’m not really sure myself.

If pressed for an answer, I blog so that with you, a relative, a long time friend, a general acquaintance or a complete stranger; I can share, my life.  I can take you the reader with me as I make my way thru a day in my life.  As you read my blog you can experience training for a marathon, running an Ultra or simply we can go for a run over my favorite trail.    And by blogging although I’ve never met you…we can become good friends.  By blogging I can share with you my experiences or my opinions.  I think I started blogging…to share.

Life, well that is a bit tougher of a question.  Why am I alive…well cause my parents decided they wanted another child.  Not sure I can add much to that.  But the real question here is why do I LIVE?

I live because I do not want to be a passenger of my own life.  I want to experience life, I want to do and see things, and I want to be active.  GOD has given us a wonderful gift of life, and I mean that in the true sense of a creator GOD.  Life is a gift.  My idea of living has changed since being saved.  In my past life…I wanted things, I wanted toys and I wanted my desires.  Today I want to LIVE…with my family, with my friends and with others by being an example of GOD’s plan.  I want to LIVE by helping someone else.  I want to LIVE by BEING.   And I want to LIVE by being more then just a partner to my wife.  I want to LIVE by her feeling like we LIVED together.

THANK YOU GOD for saving me and Thank you for allowing me to LIVE.

WHY do you run?

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