Thursday, December 13, 2012

Movie marathons

What “Movie” Marathon would you like to run?

1.  The Land of Oz Marathon:

Dorothy and Toto may have had a hard time battling the Wicked Witch with her flying monkeys but this marathon offers 26.2 miles of challenges that are out of this world.  First off, the corralling run is run by the Munchkins and requires everyone to sing and dance prior to race start.  And if that is not enough of a challenge to get you off your game just imagine following a pace group led by the Scarecrow, a Tinman and the ever Cowardly Lion.  Pretty sure a PR would be out of the question…for this race.  No matter how fast your opening miles would be a nap in the poppy fields is sure to throw you off your goal pace.  For all of the challenges offered during the race itself you would have no excuse if you got lost, just follow the yellow brick road.  On the plus side the Oz marathon is sure to have a one of a kind finisher’s medal styled after the horse of many colors.  It’s not Kansas, Dorothy, it’s The Land of Oz Marathon.

2.  Death Star Marathon:

This marathon was first run a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away and yet it is a favorite of runners all over the Galactic Empire.  This flat and fast course is a favorite Boston qualifier and has been a place where Galaxy Records are set, going all the way back to the first winner, the famous small green runner named, Yoda.  The course has changed over the years but it’s always a challenge, and “fast” whether run thru a desert, some lush green forests or across the landing deck in front of the Millennium Falcon.  One constant year after year is the high quality runner’s swag.  This year entrants recieve a cool high tech t-shirt and a finishers medal made of Carbonite that commemorates Han Solo, the one time smuggler turned hero.

3.  Gotham City Marathon and Running Festival:

If running 26.2 miles while defending your favorite city from the grasps of evil doers is your idea of a great race, then this marathon is for you.  Starting at Gotham city hall, this marathon is a point to point run out to Wayne manor and finishes at the entrance to the Bat-Cave.  Note:  All registered runners need to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to race start.  The Running Festival held at the conclusion of the marathon offers would be runners an insight into the latest advancements in running gear.  A runner looking to cut some time of his/her race could choose to visit the latest supplier of running shoes some featuring Bat-Boost.  Or runners can choose to up grade their race belt with one designed to hold all of your running gear as well as a Bat-Communication set up so you’re able to keep in touch with your family and control the placement of SWAT troops during the run.  As long as you don’t let the Joker keep you down, this is a great race.

With 2013 just about upon us, what Movie Marathon would you like to run and why?    

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