Saturday, December 8, 2012

Races I Must Run

Top Ten Races I wish I could Run…and I’m not talking about Boston.

1.  Surf and Santa 10Miler…I always seam to miss this one and my friends have so much fun running it. 

2.  Cherry Bloosm 10Miler…the draw of spring is enough for me.  

3.  HostessHalf Marathon…I’m not sure if this is a real race, but no matter I still want to eat the snacks, and run the 13.1 miles too. 
4.  Peach Tree Road Race…it seams there certain races you just have to run to consider your career complete and this is one of them.

5.  The JFK 50 Miler…I’m going to toss my hat in the lottery this year and see what happens, wish me luck.

6.  Hatfield and McCoy’sMarathon…This race just sounds like fun, but I ain’t touching the pig.
7.  The DisneyMarathons…the idea of running thu the park at nights sounds like a blast…and Goofy aint beating me.

8.  Bolder Boulder10k...I’m sure the mountain air will kill me, but the finish would be a rocky mountain high.

9.  Monument Ave10k..Okay I’ve run this once already…but it was so much fun it makes this list anyway. 

10.  London and or Rome Marathons, I may have missed my opportunities to run these but maybe one day I’ll get back over the pond.

Bonus:  Runners World Half Marathon and Running Festival...this looks and feels like the Runners Woodstock.

So there you have it my list of must do races…how do they stack up?

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