Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bald or Tutu

UPDATE:  Recently I ran 71.25 miles (in 24 hours) for the American Cancer Society.  And now I'm running the Cancer Hater 24 Hour Challenge for the Massey Cancer Research Center of Richmond, Va.  So far I've raised over $650.00. $1159.00 $1304.00

(I am a Cancer Hater)

Cleveland Browns Team Issued/Game Used Breast Cancer Awareness towel used on the sidelines by then Browns Tight-End #82 Benjamin Watson.  Autographed by Watson and direct from NFL Auctions.  How do you get this towel, be the first to donate $50.00 $40.00 $25.00 to my Charity Run at the link below.  Pls put Watson towel in remarks and post contact info on how to get in touch with you.

Now here is the QUESTION, Do you want to see me run it Bald or in a Tutu?

Run it Bald:
We are $260 $179 $84 away from the "Run it Bald goal."  Who is going to help us meet this goal, you know you want to see it!

If my donations double in the next week, from $688.00 to $1376.00 or if someone would donate $500.00 in a one time donation, I will cut off all my hair.  That's right buzz cut G.I. style.

In a Tutu:
Done, goal met, I will run the Cancer Hater Challenge wearing a bright yellow TuTu.

If someone will make a one time donation of $50.00, I will run the 24 Hour Cancer Hater Challenge in a Tutu.

You still have time...

Deadline for donations is 4 pm Saturday, 11 May.  All donations go to Cancer Research...I get nothing and have put over $100.00 towards this cause myself.  PLS click on the link below and donate today.

Donate here:

Pictures and a blog post will be provided.  I will also provide a run recap which you can post on your blog.

Who is up for the challenge!

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