Monday, May 13, 2013

Cancer Hater

At first it was a simple connection, our names are similar (Brian and Briana), this connection compelled me to read her blog.  At first, Briana's Still Easier Than Chemo blog was just another runners story.  Then some how her touching story, of how she lost her mother to the terrible disease called cancer came to life for me.  Some how I felt the need to run her event.

Over the weeks leading up to this event my families history with cancer became uncovered.  An Uncle died of leukemia years before my birth.  My middle name, Charles, is in his honor.  Another Uncle, Uncle Johnny died of Leukemia as well, I was 14.  My only real memory of Uncle Johnny was a time when we were all visiting my Grandparents, he was a runner, and I asked him if I could go running with him.  And more personally, my first wife Terri has been fighting breast cancer for 12 years.  Although I'm no longer a part of her life, for choices I made, I still feel her struggles.  The hard part is my daughter's pain as her mother wages a war against this ugly disease.  Wanting to help Terri and comfort my daughter, My connection to Briana and her cause grew more then I expected.

Not trying to say I did anything heroic.  The REAL heroes are the people fighting cancer.  The REAL heroes are the families who support, care for, and love them.  I am just another runner, but I wanted to do what I could...and if it was raising money...then I was going to bring in as much as I could.  There are many requests for donations now a days, so fund raising turned out to be harder then I thought.  I was sure people would just throw money at me for such a noble cause as cancer research.  When that did not happen, I knew I needed a hook.

The idea of "The Bald Tutu Runner" was born...  The challenge was set down.  Donate a set amount and I would run in a Tutu, double my then total of $688.00 and I would run bald and in a Tutu.  That's better then double coupon days.  Little mass marketing via Facebook and Twitter and the money came in.

(the Bald Tutu Runner)

Running my time slot the Midnight to 1 a.m. shift was easy, even with the lack of sleep.

(Briana, Her Father and I)

Meeting Briana and her father was wonderful, although I felt at a lack of words...words which I could express my admiration and support for their loss.

Thanks to you, I (We) raised $1800.00 of the nearly $8,000.00 raised during the 24 Hour Run.  The hook worked, yet I never knew how many people wanted to see me bald and run in a Tutu.  But I'm Thankful and glad you did.

There is still time to give: Click Here.



  1. Awesome work raising money (by any means possible) for a great cause!

    1. Thanks Laura, It was fun in the what to do next year?


  2. Brian,
    it was great to meet you the other night at the Cancer Hater's 24 Hour Challenge. Bre and I thank you for your efforts in fundraising for the event. we felt it was a great success and many of you guys left already talking about next year. Personally, for a certain level of donations, I think you should offer to run in the jersey of the Brown's arch rivals. could you rise to that challenge?
    Remember, we can pray for a cure, but we also need to help pay for it.
    Thank you for your help
    Wiley Easter

    1. Wiley,
      Nice to meet you as well. I'll be back next year and to help fund the cure, I'm up for anything. ha ha ha!