Wednesday, June 5, 2013

National Running Day

Why Do I Run?

June 5th, is National Running Day, last year on a day set aside to celebrate our love of running, I had to shut it down because of tendonitis in my right knee.  I was very took me nearly six weeks to come back from the forced time off.

So this year to be running free again, following the lead of the National Running Organization, where they ask you to share with the world why you run...  I thought I would share with you my Top Ten Reason why I run.

1.  Running Makes Me More Balanced, Both Spiritually and Worldly. 
When I'm out on the road alone, this is the perfect time to connect with My God, Lord and savior Jesus Christ.  I have found some of my greatest connections with him while running and lost in prayer.

John 14:6

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

2.  Running Keeps Me Healthy.

I'm not one of those health food people, who eats and drinks based on the food pyramid.  I have many "sins" when it comes to my consumption of food.  But when I'm running and training for an event, I'm much more mind full of my food intake.  While training I'm much more aware that food is also my fuel and in-turn I eat so much better.

3.  Running Introduces Me To A lot More People.
By nature I'm not shy, I have no fear of public speaking, I have no fear of taking the lead and directing people, but one on one...I normally don't make the "cold call."  But when in my running element, I step right up and start the conversation.

4.  Running  Makes Me Feel Like An Athlete, Running Makes Me An Athlete.
I may not be the fastest, or run the longest but running gives me the opportunity to compete, if only with myself.

5.  Running Allows Me To Push Myself.
When I started this journey, in 2000, my only goal was to get in shape.  Maybe during my training I would run a 10k...never would I have imagined that my longest single race mileage would be 75 miles ran during an Ultra event.

6.  Running Has Allowed Me To Help Others.
I'm just a runner, not a coach or a professional athlete, but I've supported and guided a number of new runners to reach goals they once only dreamed about.  Some of my new running friends have ran their first Half, Full and Ultra events.  I've also watched as new walkers felt welcomed into the fitness community.

7.  Running Has Afforded Me The Opportunity To Help A Cause.
With the simple act of running an hour of a Cancer Hater 24 Hour Relay I was able to raise nearly $1700.00 for cancer research.  Okay maybe I had to shave my head and run in a Tutu but I wouldn't have never been able to do that without running.

8.  Running Has Helped Me Keep My Weight In Check.
I have the metabolism of a snail...a really slow snail, cookie and cupcake loving snail.  As soon as I stop running I gain 10 pounds.  Running allows me to keep the burn going. 

9.  Running Improved Relationships With Family, Friends and My Wife.
I'm a imperfect person.  Running allows me to adjust, burn off some stress and realize life is to important, relationships are to important to damage with unneeded "issues."  Running makes life on the open road is a good imaginary of life.

10.  Running Has Made Me.......Me.

My Name Is Brian, and I Run.

How about you, Why do you run?


  1. Well said Brian. Your ten reason resonate with me as well. Happy National Running Day!