Thursday, August 1, 2013

World Record

New World Record....Monthly Running Miles

When I hit and surpassed 200 miles for the first time, I thought boy it's going to be hard to do that again.  After all I ran a lot of those miles while on vacation.  That was June, and now it's the end of July/1st of Aug and I set another monthly mile PR at 235 miles...with no vacation days.  How did I do that...and what did I learn.  Oh yea its a new world record only for me..ha ha ha

How Did I Do That?

1.  I Ran, Nearly Everyday...26 Running Days

2.  I Ran Faster, pretty simple rule when you think of it...the faster you run the more ground you cover.  My running time is limited, I really don't have extra hours to add to my running schedule, so I ran fast in the time that I did have.

3.  I Ran In ALL Kinds Of Weather....and I don't recommend this.  I went out one day in a monsoon, we received 2+ inches of rain in an hour, that was bad enough, but the thunder and lightening...that made it scary...but I did get in 8 miles.

4.  I Ran Double Digits...normally Saturday was my only double digit day of the week.  To step up my game I added Monday as a double digit miles days as well.

What Did I Learn?

1.  More Miles = More Speed.  My training runs are faster and I find I have more left at the end of the run, my speed does not tail off meaning I finish stronger and faster.

2.  My Legs Feel Great

3.  You must about three pairs of shoes to keep the rotation fresh.  With the hot and humid days of July my shoes took a beating...I could not have done this on one pair or two pairs of shoes.

4.  I have a TON of respect for the guys and gals who get to run the big miles day in and day out, month after takes a lot of dedication.  Over a 30 day period, a lot can come up to get in your way.

5.  YOU MUST Have a supportive wife.  My wife was great about allowing me the time to bang away at the miles...  Thank you Michele! 

TO Thank GOD for my good future and health, without him nothing is possible.  

Next Up and My Fall race Schedule:

Medoc Mountain 50K (Next Up)

12 Hour Ultra Run

Crawling Crab Half (20 mile training run and race combo)
Niagara Falls Marathon

Richmond Half Marathon

SeaShore Nature Trail 50K

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  1. Congrats on awesome miles, you are setting yourself up for some awesome fall races!