Friday, September 20, 2013

12 Hour ATR Plan

Here it is 24 hours before my 12 Adventure Trail Run...and I'm ready.

As the old song goes..."My bags are packed and I'm ready to go....."

My 12 Hour Race Plan is Ready.

Pace:  My goal is to run 52 miles, 8 laps of the 6.5 mile course, in under 10hrs 37mins (my previous best at same distance) with a stretch goal of 10hrs.  To achieve these goals I would need to run a 12:15 and/or 11:32 pace accordingly.  I’m feeling pretty good as I’m in much better shape and 20 pound lighter then when I posted my previous best.  The only unknown is the course and weather conditions.

Course:  As mentioned a 6.5 mile loop in Prince William Forest, Va  I have never run this course but it is advertised as challenging for both the experienced and novice trail runner.

Race Plan:  To keep moving for 12 hours or until I reach my goal, whatever comes first.  At present I plan to run the first 4 laps straight….then Run 80/walk 20 the remaining miles.

Fuel Plan:  The RD is providing a wide range of fuel/food, I’m also providing my own.  I plan to hit a light snack on every loop.  Pudding and applesauce are both easy to consume and have provided a nice kick of energy in past ultra runs.  Also have rice cakes and honey available if I need something more.  I will also dissolve an GU pack in my hand held water bottles.  This mixture ensures I’ll be getting a mixture of Gator-aide and GU thought out the day.  Plus I’ll hit a GU package every middle lap.  I’ll hit up the aid table for some salty treats as needed.  If all is going well Michele will meet me mid-day with a light pizza lunch, this will be eaten on the run/walk.  We are required to carry a water bottle all day by the RD and that fits my plan to a T.

Race Kit:  Long distance shorts, six short sleeve high tech shirts, six pairs of tech socks, four pairs of Nike Air Pegasus shoes and my Dirty Girl Gaiters.  During the opening laps I’ll wear arm sleeves and carry a hand held flash light.  I also have assorted extra items just in case i.e. hat, jacket etc.

Foot care plan:  To help fight off any blister issues I'm going to use body glide on my feet pre-race. I have blister band aides (acts like second skin) on the ready and at the first sign of a hot spot I'll be applying the second skin band aide.

Electronics:  I’ll run all day with my Garmin 201 on my wrist and will have a Droid phone with MapMyRun going to record the first lap.  I plan to video record some sections of the trail with my phone and post to Facebook/Twitter though out the day. 

Mental Plan:  HAVE FUN…be one with the trail, race, fellow racers and in prayer with my LORD and Savior JESUS.  I need 12 Hours with him!

How will you know it's me?  I'll have a cross on my right calf and @cledawgs on the left!  Say Hi!

Nothing to it BUT to do it!  #letsrun

Pictures borrowed from a another Runners blog about the 2011 event.  Thanks!

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  1. Good luck and kick butt, can't wait to read all about it!