Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th

To celebrate Friday the 13th, I thought I would review all My Half Marathons!

06 Feb 2005, Asics Half Marathon, Watford UK:  First Half, wanted to finish under 2 hrs, came home at 1h 55m 01s

13 Mar 2005, Flora Adidas London Half Marathon, Silverstone race track, UK:  A flat fast course, went out to fast and paid for it, finished at 1h 50m 28s

30 May 2005, Brandon Forest Half Marathon, Brandon UK:  Surprised/shocked that at mile four I was thinking of DNF...pressed on, fought my way home at 1h 49m 53s

17 Mar 2007, Shamrock Half Marathon, Virginia Beach, VA:  After a lazy ‘06  my first goal was getting back to distance running, finished in 1h 51m 51s

14 Apr 2007, Dismal Swamp Half Marathon, Chesapeake, VA:  Some times you just know it’s going to be your day, never figured a PB at 1h 44m 11s

2 Nov 2007, USAF Al-Udied Half Marathon, Al Udied Air Base, Qatar: Ran with 3 hrs sleep, it was painful, but finished in 2h 10m

14 Feb 2009, BI-LO Half Marathon, Myrtle Beach, SC:  Great Valentines weekend w/Michele and friends Kendra & Jeff, I finished in 1h 56m 7s

22 May 2011,  Run for the Dream Half Marathon, Williamsburg, VA:  I ran in the inaugural "Run For The Dream Half Marathon" to support Susan in her first Half, we finished in 2h 23m 

11 June 2011, XTERRA Half Marathon, Richmond, VA:  An opportunity to experience “legendary” root slipping, mud hopping, tree ducking, river crossing, hill climbing, dirt on your shirt/shoes and sweat in your eye trail run, finished in 2h 28m 09s

 20 May 2012, Run for the Dream Half Marathon, Williamsburg, VA: Needing a race and a 20 mile run…2 friends and I ran 7 miles before this event then seamlessly ran the race, I finished in 1h 57m 58s

8 Oct 2012, Crawlin Crab Half Marathon, Hampton VA:
Week 10 on the road to MCM I needed a 20 mile run…a friend and I ran 7 miles before this event then seamlessly ran the race, finished in 1h 59m 15s

Do you plan to on run 13.1 on Friday the 13th?

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