Friday, November 8, 2013




The Monday morning after the Niagara Marathon, my wife and I loaded up our car, said goodbye to our good friends and proceeded to drive thru a little town on our way to the freeway.  As I was driving on a very dark street, something in our car headlights caught my eye.  At first I could not make out what it was, maybe one of the many trees that lined the road moved as the wind blew.  But then as I approached a little closer, maybe 20 feet away, I was finally able to make out what that movement was.  At first I was startled, two girls dressed all in dark clothes running shoulder to shoulder along the side of the road, and without a stitch of reflective gear.  That near encounter could have been ugly for all of us.  My first comment to my wife was, "wow those girls are crazy," then it hit me just how at risk they were.  I saw them in time, what about the next car or the next truck.  I was paying attention, what about the next distracted driver?  My wife commented, that she did not see them until we were right on top of them.


It is THAT time of the year again, daylight saving times, AKA Make Me Run In The DARK Time Of The Year!

A local running store held a Night Time Running Safety Night, I could not make it because of some "overtime" at work, but what a great idea.  

Thank You, Point 2, for reminding us to be safe!

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