Monday, November 4, 2013

What is next

So What Is Next? Half-Marathon, Marathon, An Ultra, 50 Miler, 100K or 100 Miler?

With a little down time after the Niagara Falls Marathon, and my first sub four hour finish (3:56:57, just had to plug that one more time), I had a little time to lay out my end of the year and spring running plans.

I’ll finish up 2013 with the Richmond Half Marathon in Nov and the SeaShore nature trail 50k in Dec.  Both events are local races which I’ve run before.  My wife will be fast walking her first official half marathon at Richmond, so I plan to go out and get in my 13.1, finish fast then watch her cross the finish line!  After all she has supported me all these years.

After Richmond, it's a 50k at First Landing State Park and the SeaShore 50k, my third running of this event...a local Ultra favorite...and a great event.

After that it’s all about the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run in April.

December, although the end of 2013, the SeaShore 50k (31 miles), will be the first of the buildup runs towards the 100 miler in April.  

SPRING 2014, my training for the 100 miler will take up much of my focus and planning.

January:  The first official 100 miler training run will build off the Dec 50k with a 42 mile long run where I’ll run repeating laps around Noland Trail.  Noland Trail is a local favorite, a five mile trail loop, not known for monster hills, but hills that add up after each successive lap.  The idea here, run a course that mirrors Umstead where we will see the same hills/evaluation changes eight times over the course of the 100 miler.  This will also provide a prefect test for my fueling and race day pit stop plans. 

February:  With GOD’s blessings, we will welcome our newest grandchild into the world!  And on the running front, Feb. will feature a 52 mile run at a site yet determined.  Tentative plans may offer a visit to Umstead where I would get to run over the very same course as the Endurance run.

March: TEST DRIVE, all my fueling and night time running plans will be tested at the Graveyard 100kThe 100k course starts at Epstein St. Public Beach Access (Nags Head) at 3pm on Saturday March 8th. Then over Bonner bridge, down Hatteras island, through Hatteras Island Lighthouse park finishing at the “end of the road” on Hatteras Island adjacent to the Ocracoke Island Ferry and directly in front of the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum. 

April:  JUDGEMENT DAY, and the Umstead 100 Endurance Run, and if my body is still in one piece, the 24 Hour team event at the VA 24 Hour Run Against Cancer Ultra event during the ladder part of the month.

May…I’m resting

June:  A family visit to see my new Granddaughter and my grandson Aiden in Washington state.  I also plan to run the Mindermere Marathon in Spokane, on 1 June.

Other than some local races…my plate is full for the opening of 2014. 


  1. Always running and moving forward, love it!

    1. Laura, got to keep up with you fast people....ha ha ha Go Browns and Bills!