Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hanna Doggie

12 years passes by so fast.  So very. Very fast.

Hanna Lizbeth, was FAMILY.

I’m trying to come to terms with the passing of a FAMILY member, it will be tough.  And I’m not even sure what I’m trying to say.

(Hanna, Oct 2004)

My Dear Hanna,
You were a wonderful doggie, friend, pal and FAMILY member.  We all will miss you more then you could ever know.  And are all thankful for the love you showed each and everyone of us.  You were and are a blessing from GOD.

Thank you for always being there with your cheerful puppy spirit, even when things were getting tough for you, you lifted our spirits with a look, a cuddle or just a small paw on our leg.  Your touch will be missed.

I will miss the funny little spin around move you did when it was treat time.

I will miss how you figured out which drawer in the refrigerator held the cheese.

I will miss how whenever Mom was reading you would find a way to wiggle your head right into her viewing path.

I will miss how you woke me up at night by breathing on my cheek.

I miss the way you LOVED to go to bed…..racing us up the stairs.

(She won most of the races up the stairs, 2005)

I will miss how you thought my pillows were really yours….and my spot in bed.

I will miss how you would meet me at the end of the cul-de-sac after my runs and race me back to the house.  And when your body failed you, you still waited on me. Sometimes standing half way down the road,  at the end of the drive way, the yard, the sidewalk and later by standing next to Mommy.  

I missed that most yesterday!  I ran 12 miles in your honor...it helped me.

I will miss the way you loved your kids.

(Hanna, Anthony and Jessica, 2005)

I will miss your bark.

I will miss the way you played with your toys.

I will miss you sitting next to me on a quiet morning.

I will miss puppy cuddles.

I will miss our walks and how excited you got while we got ready to go.

I will miss the joy and unconditional love you gave us.

I will miss seeing you sitting with your Mommy.

I will miss you Hanna.

I don’t claim to know all about life, but I believe animals, especially Dogs have a spirit if not a soul.  And I believe that our creator God made the Garden of Eden to be a perfect place for his children.  In that garden humans had a relationship with GOD and domain over animals.  I believe we loved and cared for them during this time.  And I believe that when GOD restores the perfect world, that in this place there will again be animals.   For those of us that believe in JESUS, we will one day walk again with our GOD, And if heaven is the next perfect place,  I believe you went to be there.

Thank You GOD, for giving us 12 years with such a wonderful blessing.  I hope we cared for her the way you wanted us too.  She loved and took care of us!

(Hanna, July 2013)

I miss you Hanna and WE will forever love you,

Daddy, Mommy, Jessica and Anthony


  1. Very sorry for your loss, it's never easy.

  2. That was so sweet & very thoughtful to read, it sums up everthing about our family friend Sweep aka Sweepy Woo Woo ..who will turn 2 on the 28th March 2014

  3. A beautiful post for Hanna. I'm teary! I am sure she was so happy with your family. So sorry for your loss.