Saturday, January 7, 2012

9000 Mile Milestone!

First run Aug 5 2000 (age 36) 2 miles, 9003 miles on Jan 7 2012 (age 47) a 16 mile run

Inside The Numbers:
6.5 miles per running day/2.15 miles per calendar day
20 Pairs of Nike Air Pegasus running shoes
40+ races, best finish 3d overall.
66 miles per month over 136 months
796 miles per year over 11.3 years
1388 running days/4175 calendar days
1500 running hours (figuring a 10 min mile avg.)
1,147,500 calories burned (figuring 127.5 cals per mile, RW source)

Just how far is 9000 Miles?
1.  I could have returned an NFL kick-off for a touchdown, 158,183 times
          (Pro Football Hall of Fame material for sure)
2.  I could have ran to the top of the Empire State Building, 32,282 times
          (King Kong would have nothing on me)
3.  I could have rode Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom, 14,848 times
          (Not sure how many times I may have……barfed?)
4.  I could have ran to the top of Mount Everest, 1636 times
          (Well except for maybe that thing called oxygen)
5.  I could have ran the Daytona 500, 18 times
          (Richard Petty move on over)
6.  I could have ran the Alaskan Pipeline, 11.2 times
          (And still had to pay over $3.00 for a gallon of gas)
7.  I could have ran from Los Angeles to New York City, 3.2 times
          (Nope would have stayed in Southern California)
8.  I could have ran the Great Wall of China, 1.6 times
          (Sweet and Sour Chicken Hong Kong style to go!)
9.  I have ran 3% of the way to The Moon
          (3…..2…….1 and were off)
AND finally, I could have ran 2903 5Ks, 1451 10Ks, 687 Half Marathons or 343.5 Marathons
          (And maybe I would have won my age division, just once)

Why do I track all this?
Because I have some monster ego, No, that is not it at all.  I find that when I’m not logging/tracking my miles I’m not really into running.  My running MOJO is off.  All of my down turns in training can be traced back to a period when I stopped logging my mileage. Without the daily ritual/reward of tracking my miles, my runs became just another run.  While I am tracking my miles, my runs have purpose; my runs are stepping stones to my next goal, my next race or the next milestone.  Keeping a log and watching it change day by day, mile by mile and race by race, helps to keep my running MOJO going.

Some Final Thoughts:
9000 miles…at this pace and with a blessing of good health from the LORD, I hope to reach 30,000 miles before I turn 69.  Where’s that Excel spreadsheet… 

Thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, you saved my life.  I never thought I had a gift.  I can’t sing, I can’t paint a picture and I’m not an all-star QB, but now I understand running is just as much a gift as anything.  GOD gave me the gift to run.  This gift allows me private time with GOD, what more could I ask for.  Thank you Michele for supporting me, you’re always there for me.  My kids…love you guys, Thanks Judy, your support over all the years means a lot to me. 

Run on people!

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