Monday, January 30, 2012

Why Do Drivers Want To Kill Us Poor Runners?

I am always amazed that no matter where I run, or when I run…I almost always have an “Close Encounter” with a (insert anything with four wheels and weighs a lot more then me).  What is it about these 4000 pound monsters that they are attracted to us lightly armored runners?  Can it be something in our high performance cushioning shoes?  Could it be something in our sweat that draws these 4 wheel battle tanks to approach us?

I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with us the poor runners.  I mean I follow all the roadside/sidewalk, and curb running rules that I’m aware of:

I make visual (eye ball to eye ball) contact with the driver, when their not texting
I run wearing reflective clothing, if running at dusk or near night time hours
I run WITHOUT ear phones, so that I can hear death before it kills me
I make my intentions known when we meet at an intersection
I always keep an eye out for all movements in the driveways
I run the majority of my runs in and round housing areas
I wave and give a thumps up to drivers who are courteous
I run with a hand held flash light when I run after dark
I do not cut corners at intersections
I face traffic and run defensively
I run as far off the road as I can
I do not run on busy streets

And yet, with all those precautions, some how these land sharks are drawn towards me and I have to take some type of evasive action to avoid getting hit.

Here are a few of my best Close Encounters:

There was the time when a women decided to cut a corner and nearly took me out….she never even slowed down as I jumped into a yard to save myself.

I once had to stop short crossing a parking lot intersection, when looking right into my eyes the driver pulled out in front of me….hope I did not scratch his car when I “Dukes of Hazard” slid across this hood avoiding impact.

Then there was the driver who actually moved over towards me to give me less room on the side of the road, as I spun around to avoid contact, I swear there was less then 12” between me and the side view mirror.

Then, there are the members of the Driveway Drag Racers (DDR).  The DDR is made up of drivers who get into their cars, vans, trucks or M1A1 tanks then buckle up, start up and pull a hole shot, that would make Don Garlits proud, backing out of the driveway, NEVER LOOKING at what may be behind them.  I’m sad to say I see this way to many times in our housing area.

But the best one of all was the driver who passed me cleanly, turned around to approach me from behind yelling at me that I was taking up to much of “her roadway” and that I should be running in the grass/broken up side walk.  I could only chuckle and wave as she pulled away eating one of the many Krispy Kreme donuts on her front seat.

Be safe people…’s crazy out there!


  1. I'm with you on how frustrating this is. I think they all wish they were running (could run?) too...

    1. Checked out your blog...tried to follow could not get it to work. Happy Running!