Friday, January 20, 2012

Running Photos...

Running Photos…
Who does not love them?  You know the event photos taken by the local Sports Photography Company.  We all love them.  Almost as much as we can’t wait to see our finishing times in print, we all can’t wait for the photos to be up-loaded from our most recent race.  And we love scanning the thousand of pictures hoping for a really nice full frontal picture or at least just hoping we catch a glimpse of ourselves.  Right there, is that my ankle?”  AND if truth be told, if they were more reasonably priced I may buy a few. 

Whether a 5k fun run or a full Marathon the photographers are out there and if you want a good photo, you’ll want to be ready.  Once you spot their location AKA “the kill photo zone” you better know the drill.  Strategically placed along the course normally at the toughest parts of the run, you only have seconds to make a lasting impression.  Once you spot the lenses of that digit weapon, even if you’re dying inside, you’ve got mere milliseconds to pull from all your inner strength reserves to pose for the money shot.  A second ago you were dying, but now wide eyed and smiley faced “this 26.2 ain’t got nothing on me” you look right into the lenses and smile.  If you are really skilled and can muster the strength you may pose with a hearty thumps up, or maybe do a cart wheel and Click click…’s over!  Then as soon as you’re safe from the shutters stare…safe in your own little world of pain, you return back to the “Wholly Batman… this is killing me” reality of the world us runners live in.

I love the Photo zones….yes I’m vain, I like to see myself as a runner….doing what I do…Running!  But try as I might, a veteran of 11+ years of running, I still take some of the worst event pictures on the planet.  Maybe even of the galaxy!

I thought I would share two of them with you….my two “favorites.”

My NOT so favorite:

Okay in this one I look like an 80+ year old man about to win or maybe lose the speed shuffling contest at the local “retirement” home.

My favorite:

This one I like to call “AIR TIME” I look like a real runner…..look out Ryan Hall!

Do you love or hate the “Photo Zone?”  Post a comment to let me know….Run on people!

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