Sunday, January 15, 2012

Running Mind Dump

Running Mind Dump - Random thoughts that enter my mind while running down the wooded trails of life. (borrowing format from

Un-Running Related:

-- Food recommendation: had a survey on his blog about which fast food joint served the best French Fries…my vote is What-A-Burger…nothing beats some good old fashion wrinkle cut fries!

-- Movie recommendation: “The Descendents” with George Clooney (to my best knowledge Mr. Clooney has not run a marathon and after you witness the running scene in the movie, you’ll understand why)

-- Cookie recommendation: How do you eat your Oreos?  Do you dunk them, do you rip the tops off?  I eat them whole, and eat as many as I can before drinking any milk.  Record: 2 complete rows…without a drink = My dentist loves me!

Running Related:

-- Good run thought:  You know you’re having a good run when it feels like your running shoes are part of your feet not something on your feet

-- Training thought:  Best after run drink, Yoohoo….I’m telling you a ice cold Yoohoo after a long run, little slice of Heaven right here on Earth

-- Political thought:  George W. Bush has run a marathon, (3:44:52) current guy has not 

-- Race thought #1:  No matter what race I enter, some old person beats me…#congratstothem!

-- Race thought #2:  I have never finished first in my age group, but I have been dead last…although I did run 1.5 miles longer then race length to get in marathon training miles, but I WAS LAST! 

-- Bizarro-World thought:  In their body building, Pumping Iron, Hulk raising prime, who would win in a marathon Arnold Schwarzenegger or Lou Ferrigno?

-- Night time running thought:  If I fall no one is going to see me anyways?

-- Vain running thought:  Does everyone sweat this much?

-- Running food thought:  My favorite food before a race = Pizza, it’s just my favorite food for any time, pepperoni and easy on the cheese pls!

Jan 2012…where do the years go? Y2k+12


  1. I chuckled several times...thank you for the laugh. Glad I'm not the only one who fears the truth about night time running. Great post!

  2. I only dunk my Oreos. I love them dunked I can live without them without the milk. The main thing that my mind thinks of during a run is finishing.