Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What I Love and Hate about Running, Round II…

I love that after a 20 mile run I can eat pizza without guilt, I hate port-a-potty lines

I love the volunteers who tend the water stations, I hate the mess I make all over myself trying to drink after mile 15

I love the excitement of the marathon start, I hate thinking; “wow the finish line is really a long way away.”

I love the crowd support, I hate the guy at mile 18 cheering “your almost there.”

I love getting a new pair of running shoes, I hate retiring my old comfortable and trusted pair…we’re friends!

I love the colorful/creative marathon ads, I hate when they make you search the fine print for the location

I love that they have photographers taking our pictures as we run, I hate that they are so expensive that I can’t afford to buy them, because I really WANT too

I love that everyone can run a marathon, I hate that I’m routinely beat buy some really old and really young people

I love the running community, I hate that I did not start running until I was 35

I love blogging about my running, I hate finding spelling errors after hitting “POST”

What do you love and hate about running…let me know! 

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