Monday, January 14, 2013


Running and the Greeting…

Unless you run all your miles on the treadmill, unless you run in a vacuum or unless you train on the moon, every runner, sooner or later has to greet a fellow runner who’s coming from the opposite direction.  It’s at that time that you have to decide…are you a waver, a high five giver or are you not?

Myself,  I give a half wave or a peace sign and a “Howdy”, as I run on past….not that I’m from Texas.

(No, this is not me...
only wish I looked this cool)

But I’m surprised at some of the responses I get from other runners, walkers or just plain people along my path.  The majority of people are polite, friendly and return my gesture.  I routinely get a smile, a wave, "the Howdy to you too," and the ever popular return high five and/or fist pump.

But there are a few responses I just don’t understand.

1.  The “Alright” verbal response.  This one I just don’t understand.  This one leaves me running down the road with if not a puzzled look on my face…a puzzled question on my brain.   Is it alright that I said Hi?  Are you having an alright day?  I’m left to continue my run wondering…Alright what?   

2.  The “Roll The Eyes and Look The Other Way” response.  This is the one I feel most uncomfortable with.  I’m not sure if they are trying to avoid the world or if I have a boogey hanging from my nose.  I spend the next few miles with my feelings hurt and/or wiping my nose a million times.  NOTE:  If I do have a boogey, PLS tell me!

3.  The “Make No Eye Contact and Avoid Any Acknowledgment” response.  Nothing, not a wink, or a half wave, not as much as a two finger wave, or even a nod of the head.  Oh the "Hanging Hello" might just be the worst.   

And then there is the not so friendly “GRUNT” response.  Now this is not the friendly Tim “The Tool-man” Taylor Grunt.  I am talking about the Don’t talk to me I’m in training, I lack coffee, or the very fearful, "I’m at mile 19 and my spleen feel out 2 miles ago" Grunt.

Now all fun aside…99% of the time a wave is met with a wave or a pleasant hello. Remember a smile makes the world go round.

“Hello, Fist Pump, and Thanks for reading my blog.”

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