Sunday, January 27, 2013

Running Has

1.  Given me HOPE for the future. There is always a next run, a next race, a next PR.  As long as I run the future is endless.

2.  Delivered PRIDE in myself...and in a good way.  The prides comes from within, the old me compared to the runner in me.

3.  Set aside TIME for prayer and meditation.  The world is a busy place, but on the road it's just me and my creator.  He is always there for me.

4.  Tested my LIMITS, but has not limited my tests.  The toughest opponent you will face, is inside your head.

5.  Taught me PATIENCE.  You can train hard, run fast but you just can't rush a marathon.

6.  Given me HAPPINESS...the feeling of meeting or exceeding your goals will always put a smile on your face.

7.  Introduced me to a great COMMUNITY of runners.  Running is a singular sport, run within a community of support.

8.  Allowed me to SUPPORT others.  Nothing compares to meeting your goals, except helping others achieve theirs.

9  Shown me HUMILITY...there no hiding that moment in every race where you wonder if you have enough.

10.  Proven to me that I can ACCOMPLISH anything, I set my mind and heart too.

What has Running Given you?

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