Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oh Lance

Lance, I believed in you...

I read the book, both of them.

I bought into your recovery and hope for the future.

I cheered as you won the tour(s).

I defended you when they said you did.

I enjoyed our one on one talk about marathon running.

(Qatar 2007)

I pulled for you in your private life.

I enjoyed your success in business.

I wore the NIKE brand when I trained.

I knew #LIVESTRONG would beat cancer.

I read the 1000 page document.

I read your former wife's blog.

And I realized, you did it.

Now I'll watch Oprah and see what you have to say, not sure I will believe your reason or your apology.

I forgive you, because that is what God teaches us.

But, I'm bummed!

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