Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013 Big Plans

2013 A Year of BIG Running Plans

If all goes as planned, I stay motivated, the finances allow and the injury bug passes by my house, this should be a big running year.  Along with a good number of smaller local races, those under a half marathon, I have planned five BIG running events.

#1 My third Shamrock Marathon - I've run Shamrock in 2012, and 2010.  I've also run the Half in 2007.  This year I plan to make a PR push (4hr 10m) and would love if all goes well to run my first sub 4hr marathon.  The folks at J&A racing put on great events, and Shamrock is the "King pin" when it comes to running events in the Virginia Beach Area. 


#2 A fourth running of the 24 Hour Ultra Run for Cancer - I first ran this event in 2007 having no idea what I was doing or what I was getting myself into.  Some how I managed to run 52.5 miles that day and survived.  I think on the ride home I swore I would never do that to myself again.  Since that fateful day I've run it two other times, logging 50 and 75 miles.  This year I plan to try a slightly different approach, "How Fast to 50 miles."  The RD George puts on a great event and really cares for the cause and the runners, he is an Ultra runner himself.

#3 The Cleveland Marathon - I've never lived in Cleveland, not sure I would want to (way to cold) but the city and a sports team that wears the colors orange and seal brown play a special part in my life story.  So naturally there is a calling for me to run this event.  "Finishing in front of Cleveland Browns Stadium will be a special way to close out 26.2 miles.

#4 The Air Force Marathon - I gave my Country and The Air Force 20 years and in return I have been given all the tools for a great way of life.  I was stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB as my first duty assignment and other then running with the Squadron I did not take part in any local running events.  I look forward to logging some miles around my former assignment as well as revisiting all the aviation history that surrounds the course.  My marathon plans will be Aiming HIGH, with 26.2 miles to Fly Fight and WIN!

AND the JFK 50 Miler - Not sure I know what I'm getting myself into, but this race is calling my name. From the official website, "Although open to the public, the JFK 50 Mile is in spirit a military race. It always has been and always will be. In 1963, the initial inspiration behind the event came from then President John F. Kennedy challenging his military officers to meet the requirements that Teddy Roosevelt had set for his own military officers at the dawn of the 20th Century."  Being that I gave 20 years of my life to the US Military this seamed like a perfect 50 miler.

Your Prayers are welcomed and wish me luck...

What are your BIG Running Plans for 2013?



  1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, the Cleveland Marathon doesn't finish inside the stadium. And I hope you get much better weather this year!

    1. Bummer....did it used to finish inside, or am I thinking about another race... Oh well, close enough for me!


    2. The 5k the day before finishes inside the stadium. I asked an "official blogger" about this last year and they said they've been told there are just too many logistical issues squeezing in finishers. Sounds weird to me though as a 50-yard-line finish would be pretty awesome. Last year's crowd at the finish was pretty bad too, but it was 80+ degrees.

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