Saturday, February 16, 2013

Running and

Us runners, we love to talk and blog about running.

We love to brag (with good reason) about the distances we run.  And it's understandable, running 6, 13, 26 miles and the ultra runners who tackle 50 and 100 miles...well it's something worth bragging about.

We talk and dream about the races we run.  Boston, Chicago, NYC and the Disney races are all locations the world dreams of visiting.  But a runner who runs the streets,we see the city unlike anyone short of a resident.

But what else does our life include in pursuit of our running dreams?

I run and we camp.  Two years ago my wife and I decided to mix up our vacationing and purchased a truck camper.  And last year we put it to good use while running a number events on long weekends.  That's right camping is a perfect fit with my running life.  A weekend in the camper and a weekends running plans either racing or running some new trails fit like a glove.

(Our camping rig)
Our first camping/running trip was coordinated in conjunction with Richmond VA’s Monument Ave 10k.  This 10k race is one of the capstone running events around our area and we wanted to see what all the excitement was all about.  And there is not a better way then to throw in some camping on top of it.
Monument Ave in downtown Richmond is an out and back course.  For our base camp we selected Pocahontas State park on the southwest side of Richmond. Not only was the race a huge success but our first trip to a Virginia state park was not a disappointment.

(Perfect Setting)

A conservative run was what I had in mind.  I would have been happy with a 50 or 51 minute run and that plan was solid until…the gun went off and I got sucked into the hype.  I ran my best 10k in 10 years.  I crossed the finish line at 48 minute 49 seconds…and Michele speed walked her way in at 1 hour 30 minute and what a good experience we had. This was our first Monument Ave 10k and it won’t be the last.  A reported 41,000 people ran/walked or took part in this 10k and I did not witness a logistics issue (not that I could see)!

(After race camp fire)

You would think that after running a solid 6.2 miles on Saturday, I would be looking forward to a day off, but Sunday I just could not pass up the opportunity to explore the roads within the park.  Running the roads within the camp sites I was able to get in a good 7.5 miles with rolling hills.

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