Sunday, February 10, 2013

Motivation part II

The Fall of the Modern Day Sport Hero...part II

(Charles Barkley, "I'm no role model")

Growing up, sports heroes are for the most part the first real role models (outside of the home) most of us identify with.  When we were young we saw only their successes on the field, track or on the court.  Then one day a news headline catches our eye.  Kobe did what? Big Ben forced who?  Barry took what?  Then the house of cards falls to the ground.

Fortunately where the sensational national headlines leave us in shock, the under the radar local triumphs can lift you up.

and - These guys are two of my running buddies...except they are much faster then me.  I'm the type of runner who trains by how I feel, I don't stick to a plan very well.  These guys live the plan and run the plan and both have improved as runners over the last year.  I wish I could be more of the plan type.

- Nathan is becoming a 50k trail running machine.  I remember reading his first 50k race report and now he has run three.  He also posts some wonderful race day pictures.  You can follow his running exploits here.  And if you need some tips on coffee drinking and high tech, he is your man.  His race reports are ALWAYS a good read.

- If you find motivation thu laughter...this is the runner and site for you.  Some of his posts put a smile on my face and a chuckle in my heart.  And Adam has collected a great photo gallery of pictures with the elite runners. (just a bit jealous here)  Adam claims his only goal is to "stay in shape to keep up with his toddler son," but I'm pretty sure it is to keep us all entertained in the process.  You can follow and laugh along on his blog.

- Another of the local 757 runners, I hope to meet one day.  Although... I have gotten to say "Hi" as she zipped past me at a local distance series race..."Hey's me that twitter guy."  Not only can this girl run, and run fast but she loves coffee and pancake/waffles.  If that is not a good enough reason to read her blog, then watching her battle back from an un-running related cyst injury over the last year is.  You can follow Hollie as she runs here.

- Rob is a local pastor and "occasional" runner, who has completed two half marathons all while hating the act of running.  Rob's goal with life and his running is to make you think and laugh.   He is pretty random and his life is an open book. Whether it’s Mind Dumps, Movie Reviews, thoughts about God, or stories about his family, one thing is for sure. Each post will be transparent thoughts from a random pastor.  You can follow his random running and transparent life on his blog.

So that is it....where our national heroes have let us down, the local runners have stepped in.  These people battle with real life issues, they battle to pay the bills, they battle to find the time and in some cases desire to run.  But in the end, their lives, posts and success are inspiring.  I have found motivation to run, run longer, run stronger and run quicker.


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  1. LOL, you are hilarious. I can't thank you enough for the shout out. I'm running the shamrock half so we will have to chat after you are done with the full (dad is doing the full so I should be there for the entire thing!) :-)