Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The next 26 days...

The next three weeks is going to be BUSY!

Monument 10k --  My wife and I are running (she's walking) this event, and I look forward to participating in RVA's largest 10K.  I might not win this event with over 30,000 runners, walkers, strollers and fancy dressers.  But I will not be beat by a 6 foot running hot dog, RVA curling team, 3 Men in a tub or a Mad dashing funnel cake...that would NOT BE FAIR!

St Charles Running Festival 10 Miler --  I don't plan to run the 10k very hard, but this ten miler I really want to run a sub 90 minutes.  My goal is a time between 90 and 85 minutes, I have run this fast in training a number of times but hope I can pull it off in a race.  This race has awesome swag and finishes at Regency Stadium where the St. Charles Blue Crabs kick off their minor league baseball season with the 5th Annual Blue Crabs Fan Fest.....yummy?

VA 24 Hour Run For Cancer --  I've run this event twice before (2009, and 2010) where I ran 52.5 miles in 16 hours and 50 miles in 12.5 hours.  This year I plan to run the full 24 hours and have a goal of 75 miles.  I thought running a marathon taught you alot about yourself, but an Ultra (anything more then 26.2 miles) and especially a 24 hour event opens up a whole new world of pain and self discovery...and it's just plain fun!

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What was the toughest run you have ever completed?  Pls tell me about it in the comments section.

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