Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Running Mind Dump

Running Mind Dump - Random thoughts that enter my mind while running down the side roads of life. (borrowing format from

Un-Running Related:

-- Favorite Bible verse:  Acts 4:20 says, “We cannot stop telling about everything we have seen and heard!”   Peter and John were jailed for preaching their faith in Jesus, and when asked to stop they replied…

-- Food recommendation:  I’ve recently stumbled on to Blueberry bagels…yummy from the word go!

-- Music recommendation:  Winter Jam concert series….they rock, the band Skillet was unreal and all bands worshiping GOD!

-- Cookie recommendation:  Hard to beat Girl Scout cookies, Do-Si-Dos

Running Related:

--  Running thought #1:  There comes a point in every long run when you realize you got it or you don’t.

--  Running thought #2:  Never try to do simple math at mile 23, it’s not going to be correct and it’s not pretty. 

-- Training thought:  A Dairy Queen Blizzard the night before a race helps performance, not sure if it’s the extra energy stores or guilt, but it works.

-- Political thought:  We should take all the would be Presidential Candidates, line them up at the starting line of the NYC marathon and the first one to finish will serve as our next President.  CAN”T be any worse then our current process...think about it.

-- Twitter thought:  Use hash tag #runchat great twitter group who love to talk about running/racing/training and blogging. 

-- Bizarro-World thought:  Who would win in a 5k race, Big Bird or Barney?

-- Night time running thought:  Spring forward, IT”S DAY LIGHT SAVINGS TIME, night time running is over!  We traded one hour of sleep for numerous running hours in day light….sign me up!

-- Vain running thought:  The more I see pictures of myself running…the more I realize I need to run more.

-- Running food thought:  I’ve found the relationship between pancakes and marathon times…but it is TOP SECRET!

March 2012…Where do the months go?


  1. Big Bird would take the 5k...Barney would be too busy singing some annoying song!

    1. Unfortunately, Big Bird could not win the 5k because he does not have knees.

    2. Good point Spencer, but boy that bird does get around!