Friday, October 26, 2012

26.2 Miles in a Hurricane

Five Ways to Run 26.2 Miles in a Hurricane…

 #5.  Attach things that will float to your running gear…a well placed kiddy float might just save the day and your personal record.


#4.  Anything you don’t want to get wet…."Wrapped in Plastic…It’s Fantastic" and it might just work another day. 


#3.  Know your “Escape Plan” aka your marathon route…what’s worst then running 26.2 miles in a hurricane…..running 26.3 miles in one. 


#2.  Prepare for the hurricane, just as you have prepared for the marathon.  Take this time to get your mind and your body ready for a butt kicking from Mother nature…26.2 miles is tough but 26.2 miles in 30+ mile per hour winds, pouring rain, flying monkeys and tidal currents…that is going to be a battle.


#1.  The best way to survive a hurricane of a Marathon, is to never give up, never doubt…go a little slower, but keep on moving!  The finisher bling and epic stories you’ll be able to tell will make it all worth it!  “Sure you ran the Marine Corp Marathon, but I ran it in the middle of a HURRICANE!”


This post was inspired by:  ‏@jackwbruce and his post, Hurricane Sandy is Coming!  Tips for Running a Marathon in a Hurricane. 


This is all in fun, enjoy your run, enjoy the marathon but be safe and take cover or whatever is needed to be safe and survive!

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  1. Tomorrow's going to be one of those days to just enjoy that moment of saying you ran through a hurricane. Enjoy!