Monday, October 15, 2012

MCM week 10 and 11

Marine Corp Marathon (MCM) Training Week 11/10 and Crawlin Crab Half Marathon +7

Week 11 Mileage
Monday          off 
Tuesday         off
Wednesday      6 (6) 
Thursday          6 (6.2 in 48m29s)
Friday              off (10) 
Saturday          6 (6)
Sunday           off
Total 28.2 miles

11 weeks into “The Recovery to MCM Plan” and it’s taper time…

Week 10 Mileage
Monday          off 
Tuesday         off
Wednesday      5 (0 delay at work) 
Thursday          5 (5 easy miles)
Friday             off 
Saturday         off
Sunday           20 (20 (7.3, then 13.1 miles))*
Total 25.4 miles
* Ran the Crawlin Crab Half Marathon in 1h 59m 14s, after 7 add on miles.

10 weeks into “The Recovery to MCM Plan” and things are clicking right along.  Week 10 would feature my 20 miler before the MCM.  I normally like to have more then one 20 miler in the books but with my condensed training/recovery plan, I just did not have the time.

Planning a 20 mile run is always a logistics balancing act, but lately I’ve planned my 20 milers to coincide with local half marathons to take advantage of the crowd support and aide stations.  This time The Crawlin Crab Half Marathon by J&A Racing fell perfectly on the training calendar for me and was a great choice.  This was the inaugural running and I found it to be a well organized event.  My goals were to turn in a conservative 7 miles before the start of the half and then run a sub 2 hr half.  The early miles were timed near perfect, finishing approx 10 minutes, before race start for a pit stop before going to the starting corrals.

I felt so good in the opening miles that I allowed myself to get sucked into running a quicker pace then I had planned.  Life was all good until mile 8 (mile 15 for me) then I started to feel the effects of the earlier 7 miles and the fast opening pace.  I had to really hang on to finish within my goal.  Braving the cold, the rain (mile 10 till finish) and a fast start (and closing hill) I crossed the finish line in 1 hour 59 minutes 14 seconds, but it was not about my time…I’m ready for the #37MCM

Read about how My Marine Corp Marathon will be more then just 26.2 miles to me….#hero

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