Tuesday, October 23, 2012

MCM week 12

The Marine Corp Marathon is one week away…

 Week 12 Mileage
Monday            6 (8) 
Tuesday         off
Wednesday      6 (5) 
Thursday          6 (5)
Friday              off  
Saturday         12 (10)
Sunday           off 
Total 28 miles

My training cycle for this marathon has been unlike any before.  12 weeks ago my goals was just simply to get back to running.  I was just coming off a forced “running break” after a one and half month battle with tendonitis.  I wanted to get to running, let alone the marathon.  And now that I’m on the doorstep to my seventh marathon, I’m like a greedy little kid who wants more.  I know I can finish the Marine Corp Marathon, which at one point was my ONLY goal, but as marathon day approaches I want to run it in under 4h 30m.

I’ve run a total of six full marathons.  My first marathon I ran in 4:13.  The second, I improved and ran it in 4:10.  Unfortunately, it has been a downward trend ever since.  My third, fourth, and fifth marathons were run in 4:43, 4:54, and 4:47 respectively.  I give myself a free pass on number sixth which I paced a first time marathoner to finish in 4:52.  My second goal for the MCM is to buck the slower finish trend.

My new Goals for the 37th running of the Marine Corp Marathon
#1. Finish
#2. Reverse the trend of 4:30+ marathon times
#3  Come home injury free

Finally my Marine Corp Marathon will be to honor one of our Heroes,  I Run For Blake,  Marine Hero:

When the Howitzer goes off at 0730 Sunday morning 30,000 runners and I will begin a 26.2 mile journey towards our goals.   

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