Saturday, October 13, 2012

top ten tweets

Top Ten Running Tweets:

My favorite Tweets from some of my favorite runners:

10.  I double booked for running dates LOL one this AM and one this Evening, so glad they are both short runs  @livz4running

9.  Officials at the finish, "walk ALL the way through the chute." Thanks for telling me, I was gonna turn around and run the course backwards  @DistanceGirls

8.  If you are still pretty when you're done, you did it wrong.  @Wise_Running

7.  I swear half the time I’m only running because somebody else did  @wokatt

6.  I wish I had a job that pays me to run and travel! My two favorite things  @runwithwes

5.  I'm not a useless cripple, its called I ran a marathon yesterday.  @dr_foucault

4.  "I've got very nice feet. I take care of my feet.”  @larryenscore

3.  I’m at home sitting on my big marathoner butt  @cledawgs  Yes that me!

2.  Tell me you are a runner.. Everything is funnier with a runner!  @TeamRunner4Life

1.  I thought turning 40 would put me in contention for an age group award. Apparently 40yo's are some of the fastest human beings on earth.  @26miles4fun

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