Sunday, October 21, 2012

Top Tweets

Top Ten Running Tweets:
(Some funny, Some motivational, Some just plain crazy but all worth a second glance.)

10.  I love when people ask, "So what place did you finish the marathon." I tell them 23,000 and they ask why didn't you run faster. Really !?!   @dr_foucault

9.  Those shorts are scandalous! ;)  @Kris_Law

8.  soooo today looked the rain and storm clouds in the face and said screw you I’m running anyway 3 miles and soaked clothes later,I’m happy I did  @runnergrl1979

7.  I woke up for the Chicago Marathon, curled my hair & did full makeup, then realized I need a bigger challenge  @trafficjamjen

6.  Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.  @punchfork

5.  Obnoxiously bright shirt...check. Crazy fun running buddy...check. Headlamp & blinky...check  @CaraHendrickson

4.  I just melted with joy.. @aHappyPace. . "I think I caught the running bug, what's a good long term goal for me?" -  @mrhappypace

3.  Vote for me for President and Ill put massive fitness centers in every airport.  @ryanhall3

2.  Haven't taken a shower since Saturday and just went on a run during my layover in Portland. My apologies to whoever is sitting next to me.  @ryanhall3

1.  Does running late count…unknow

Bonus, not running related but will help you in life:  Oh no, reseachers discover that bacteria doesn't follow the 5 second rule!  @AndyStanley

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