Friday, December 13, 2013

Diet Dew

Is Diet Mountain Dew KILLING Me?

(Ya----hoooo, Diet Mountain Dew)

I’m Done With Diet Dew…(well sort of).

If you know me in person, have followed my Tweets/Facebook updates or ventured to read my blog, you know that I drink way to much Diet Mountain Dew.

My daily intake is going something like this:

1 can on the drive to work with my "on the road breakfast"
1 can when I get to my desk 
* maybe another can around 0930/1000
1 can for lunch
1 can on the drive home
1 can after my run
2 cans for dinner
1 as I watch TV or read
a last one when I go to bed for the night

Nine maybe 10 cans of that wonderful, and refreshing, chemically altered mountain spring water.  Oh my Diet Mountain Dew, how you pick me up.  Oh my Diet Mountain Dew, how you allow me to get thu my day.  

Oh My Precious….Dew!

Oh pls don’t judge me…  

Did you see any water in there…neither did I.  And to think I've run 12,000+ miles and nearing 100 races like this.  But I’m getting older, more in tune with my health and I want to be around a little while longer.  If I want to be a better runner, I know the time is now, I must do something, and I must make some changes.

So.  Finally.  I've decided to dew do something about it.

Now I’m weak, I really don’t desire to go cold turkey so I’m going to cut way back on this stuff.  I have to be honest I don’t see myself giving up my morning and after work Dew.  I have a long commute and that wonderful golden pick me up helps keep me awake while driving.  The rest of the day is open game and I’m committed to not drinking Diet Dew after 8 pm.

With those borders in place, I’m going to attack this like I do a long run.  Slow and steady. 

Starting today, I’m going to start drinking one 16oz bottle of water (minimum) for every can of Diet Dew. 

I really don’t want to give it up 100% and I’m not saying I’ll never have another can.  My goal is to cut down on my consumption and drink the stuff more moderately.  I also want to get a lot more water into my diet.

So I’m sorry world if I’m a little grumpy.  I’m sorry workers for Pepsi-Cola bottling if this slows down production, I’m sorry my Diet Dew family if I don’t get to see you as often…but I want to be around a lot longer and I have more miles to run, more sunsets to witness, and a few mountains to run!

Is there something you need to give up, cut back on?  Tell us about it!


  1. Brian, that is an amazing amount of Diet Mt Dew. I don't do diet but the real thing and I have always felt bad about my 2 or 3 cans a day. Now I don't feel so bad! Good luck cutting back. I had a friend just like you who drank about the same amount as you but not diet. When he switched from real to diet, he lost 15 lbs. the 1st month.

  2. I really enjoy diet dew myself. Funny you should mention cutting back. I am interested to see how it goes and please keep me in the loop!