Monday, December 16, 2013

week in review

Last Week In Review:

Monday 10 
Tuesday 4 
Weds 9.3
Thursday 0
Friday 8
Saturday 15.5
Sunday 0

Total: 46.8 miles

Tuesday, the first miles I've run on a treadmill in quiet sometime.  I wanted to do more, but the room the treadmill was located in was 84 degrees and I never got used to the heat.  Second, I was attending a retirement dinner later that night and timing was a bit cramped so I was constantly watching the clock and felt pressed the entire time.

Thursday, Along with our Church group my wife and I went to the The Story Tour, outstanding show.  THE STORY, a musical journey from Genesis to Revelation. Featuring a full children’s choir and orchestra with Casting Crowns, Steven Curtis Chapman, Natalie Grant, Matthew West, Nichole Nordeman, Selah, Rawsrvnt and renowned author and pastor, Randy Frazee.  Worth every penny...and the impact is external.

Saturday, I ran along with a good running friend George N.  We ran 15 miles at a moderate pace as a tune up for the 50k.  It was my second outing running with my race vest, you can get the details here.  Funny how I think about this as a medium distance run where years before it would be a long run.

And this week I decided to kick the Diet Dew habit, glad to report I'm still married to Michele, and no one has been harmed by my decision.  Although there was an unexpected drop in the stock values for Pepsico.  Does that relate?

AND Surpassed 2000 miles for the year!

All in all it was a good solid week of training leading up to my third running of the SeaShore Nature Trail 50K.  My plan for the 50k is to run a smart race, around a 5:30, but believe I'm capable of a faster time.  I'll hold myself back in hopes of not blowing up my legs, I have a 50 miler two week later which starts my prep for Umstead and my first 100 miler.

Hope you had a great week! 

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  1. Nice work Brian. Looking forward to the 50K. I won't make 2000 this year, but should get 1800, which is 300 more than my goal. See you on Saturday!