Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Faith Family Fitness

The Christmas season, it is easy to get distracted…from what is really important.

Faith, Christmas and not the “holiday” season is why we celebrate.  In over 2000 years, no one has been able to prove the story of Christmas to be inaccurate. Sure some debate the dates, but the story of a Saviors birth has met all challenges.  We have proven that Santa Claus, is just a story.  The Polar Express is just a train.  And that Polar Bears don’t really like Coke.  But if anything we have proven, by historical record and with the concepts of historical proof that in fact a man named Jesus (or translation of) did in fact walk this planet.  And if we believe that, then we must belief the document which tells the story of his life, the Bible, to be true.  And finally we must believe that a creator GOD, gave his only son, so that whomever believed in him should not perish, but have ever lasting life.  To me that is what this holiday season is all about….accepting that MY Savior came to this earth, to love and save me.  Brian, the crazy ultra-running, sometimes distracted, and very imperfect human.  And likewise, you…  

Family, Who else will share a bond with you from the time you are born, until the time you die.  Even if you are not close to your family, there is still something there.  A bond, a love, a shared common history.  Tune out all the hype this holiday season and reconnect with your family….no relationship outside of a husband and wife relationship can ever be as close.  If you have lost a loved one…and were not close, you know the sting that this gap can never be bridged, if you still have family…reconnect, make the effort to get close.

And Fitness, I group all health related issues under fitness.  Take care of yourself…watch your diet, keep up with your exercise of choice, and visit the doctor when you should.  Do whatever it takes and is recommended to keep this body running the way it was meant to run.  We invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in our homes. We toil over our cars, to keep them perfect.  Yet as a society as a whole, we invest very little time or energy in the one thing that will be with us, is us, from day one until the very end.  “Our body.”   Ask anyone suffering with a health issue, if they wish they could run, walk, skip or jump…we take our fitness forgranted until it’s gone.

Nearly everything else in life can be replaced….or repaired. Bang up your car, take it to a body shop.  Water leak in your home, call the plumber.  TV or computer melts down…call the Geek Squad.

But faith, family and your fitness are hard to replace once they are gone.  And no one can do it for you.

What does running give you?


  1. Holy cow! You have a lot of races under your belt! Your blog is very inspirational, -even if you are a *gasp* browns fan! I won't tell you my fave team... :) Running has made me a healthier person all together~ which is the probably the best thing we can do for our families. And God. He gave us these bodies, we should respect that and take care of them!

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