Saturday, July 14, 2012

Knee Update…

A quick recap:  April/May I ran approx 276 miles, 77 of that on hilly, uneven terrain and at one point I ran 11 miles, two days in a row, on a VERY hilly route.  This left me with some right knee pain.  I tried to deal with the pain, and for a while I could.  For the most part I gutted it out and ran on, but on National Running Day…(the irony kills me) I could not push though any longer.  After stopping dead in my tracks, 1 mile into a 6 mile run, I had to seek out medical attention.

My first doctor’s appointment resulted in good news, no structural damage.  Classified as an overuse injury, 14 days of rest was recommended and the RICE treatment.  Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.  With much disappointment I took the next 14 days off.  Day 15 I ran 5 miles without pain…I figured, hoped and prayed the gremlins were gone.  Being conservative I waited another two days and again ran without pain.  My third run came 36 hrs later and to my disappointment the pain was back.  Back to the doctors...

A second doctor looked over my knee.  This medical professional was a bit more aggressive.  She pushed, pulled and twisted my knee and once again no damage.  I was very happy to hear her proclamation but she said that we did not give my knee enough time to truly recover.  30 days off was recommended.  My heart sank…like the Titanic on that faithful night, 14 days had been hard, 30 would really test my resolve.

Today is day 18, and the good news is my knee feels much better, and no pain.   The bad news is I’ve got the itch.  I want to run.  I want run to test out my knee.  I want to run to convince myself that I can still do it.  I want to run just to confirm the pain is gone. 

This time I will give it the full and complete 30 days!  My Marine Corp Marathon is depending on it. 

What the longest recovery time you have had to deal with?  How did you not go nuts?  

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